Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ok -

So since this seems to be a common form of expressing thoughts & keeping people well informed, I thought I would give this a shot. Two months from yesterday, I will be a married woman! Mrs. Kimberly Keith. Has a nice ring huh? The days are counting down and I'm incredibly excited and incredibly nervous too. So much to do, so little time....Anyway, so since I'm marrying a very gifted & talented songwriter, we will be heading back to Nashville in the Spring of next year. And if this blog does the job, then everyone can continue to stay updated on news & pictures of us & our new life together.

Technology is a marvelous thing isn't it? I use it for my job, to meet my soon-to-be-husband, to share events of our wedding and now to write out my own thoughts & keep everyone updated. Incredible.

Well - since my incredibly talented & wonderful friend Tina took our engagement pictures, I wanted to post those for the whole world to see how cute we look together & brag on my friend's wonderful artistic ability - go Teen!

Enjoy everyone ....