Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been getting impatient & restless with waiting on the Lord with a number of different situations. My heart has pulled back from trusting in His timing and His faithfulness and I wasn't even aware of it till a friend of mine encouraged me to check out the song While I'm Waiting by John Waller.

What a beautiful song and may it be the cry of my own heart. I give all my desires & all our hopes back into the hands of God and will go back to trusting Him and in His perfect timing.

I hope this song brings you as much encouragement & peace, as it has done for me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 years down, eternity to go.

Soooo...I'm way behind on catching everyone up on life with the Keiths.
Let's jump real quick back to December. Jason & I flew back to Seattle for Christmas, but sadly our flight on Christmas Eve was cancelled due to the snow in Dallas where we needed to change planes. So they re-booked our tickets for Christmas Day and we picked up our bags, turned around and headed back home. Our pups were already at the boarding place, so we had a quiet night at home alone on Christmas Eve. But I was sad. And I cried.
Christmas Day arrives and we finally make our way to Seattle. It truly was an awesome Christmas vacation with family and friends and went entirely way too fast. Did I take any pictures, of course not silly! Until I lose 25 pounds, the camera and I are not exactly friends.

We were spoiled with waking up to coffee in bed and delicious meals prepared by mom. We did a puzzle, watched movies, saw Avatar, Sherlock and Nine, shared presents & drank more coffee. I was also seriously blessed to spend an entire afternoon & evening with one of my best friends Jessica, who currently lives with her husband in Germany. It had been close to 4 years since I had seen her! Dinner with the Rowlands & Frees' family was also a treat and flew by way too fast. We packed in as much as we could in the week we had there, but it was long overdue and what I desperately needed to feel like it was finally Christmas.

Flash Forward a few weeks................

Jason and I celebrated our 4th anniversary :-)
Has it really been 4 years already? I got off work early and we headed out to see It's Complicated (which we HIGHLY recommend, it was hilarious!) and then to dinner at Allium in East Nashville. It was perfect and lovely and Jason bought me a tart pan, a quiche pan and a Madeline cookie pan all from Williams Sonoma (LOVE that place). (Uh-hum, his gift is still in the mail...grrr...but he's going to LOVE it.)

I love you sweetie - these have been the best 4 years of my life and I'm honored and blessed to share them with you. I count each day a blessing and hope to never take one for granted. God is so good for all He continues to work in us as a couple and in our marriage, may His work never be done. Oh and you are still as yummy as the day I married you ;-)

A few days later.........

Jeep & Seven turned 1!
Boy does time fly.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I was able to enjoy a relaxing & laid back weekend with my man, which NEVER happens, since he typically gets scheduled to work either Saturday or Sunday. But as it turned out we had two whole days of togetherness and it was blissful. We did a little shopping and found ourselves an ottoman for the living room that was marked down in clearance at American Signature, we ran some errands, read, napped, watched some football, and had some serious grubbin BBQ at a local East Nashville spot.

As the weekend was winding down and we had just finished storing all the Christmas & Thanksgiving boxes up in the attic, I was in the mood for a yummy drink and decided to whip up some up Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris. YUM.

What should have been a fairly foolproof process, turned into a bit of a fiasco.

See our lovely little Cuisinart Blender? Well apparently I loaded too much ice in to begin with and it wasn't blending well. I quickly got frustrated that the ice wasn't being crushed and had to jab the stuff around with my wooden spoon to get some cooperation. Then disaster struck.
Oops. Strawberry Daiquiri splattered all over me, the cabinets, the dogs, the counter tops and yes, even my ceiling. I may or may not have said a bad word. Oh well, there was still enough in the blender for Jason to have a glass, plenty on the floor for the dogs to enjoy and I still had enough to start a new batch for myself.
Yummy huh honey?
What that? Oh nothing, just a few wood chips blended into the drink - just think of it as more organic and you probably won't even notice it.
Oops. Or maybe not. We had to pour his drink into the strainer and there was quite a bit of shredded wooden spoon in there. My bad. Love you mean it!