Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baking Inspiration

This week is our last Home Group for the season, and it happens to be at our home.  I wanted to make something special, but easy and impressive.  So I chose Madeleine Cookies.  And they turned out delightful!

Ok, so that isn't a picture of MY Madeleine cookies, but they look the same, I swear!

Then a couple other recipes I really want to try are a Puffed Pancake - I did one a couple weekends ago and I believe the recipe I used was missing some key ingredients, cause it was bland and flat.  Ugh.  

I WILL conquer the puffed pancake!

And another recipe I came across was the Ebelskivers!!  They are a traditional Danish round puffed pancake that is usually made on Christmas Eve - but I want to try them as soon as I get my hands on the Ebelskiver pan!  How amazing do these look?

You can also make them stuffed, using berries, apples, lemon curd, chocolate, cheese and on the list goes!! Yummy!!!  I'm totally going to do this!

I don't know why, but breakfast foods just sound totally good to me lately.