Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hey what do you know...

No one's taken down this blog yet, and I'm sure no one's reading it either~!

I often wonder what it is that keeps me from blogging and I think more than anything, it's worrying what everyone else will think.  I have a hard time writing about stuff that's really not central to what I'm thinking about - but rather just fluff. 

So here goes - my attempt at being more honest and trying to catch up on the going-ons of the Keith homestead.

First of all - my sister Kati and her bearded boyfriend John came out to Nashville for a visit!  It was amazing (yes, can skip all this, since you already know).  Kati didn't tell John that she was coming and it was a fun surprise for him!   I had made a Kahlua Espresso Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake for John and his sister Ann's visit and we all got to catch up over a heavenly slice of dessert and some hot coffee.  Speaking of HOT - it was in the hundreds the entire time they were here.  Sorry guys :-(  That heat wave did a number on our lawncare business cause it caused all the grass to die.  We were seriously praying for rain and it hasn't stopped raining since they left! 

We took them out for some fun local eats at The Pharmacy, which has bomb hamburgers, sweet potato fries and homemade sodas.  They have this burger called The Farm Burger and it's a beef patty, topped with a slice of country ham, topped with bacon & a cooked egg.  I mean seriously?  Only the South folks.

I also took John & Kati to the infamous Pancake Pantry, where we just so happened to be seated next to the founder and original owner, Robert Baldwin.  How cute is this old man??

It worked out perfectly that we all got to celebrate the 4th of July together!  Jason and I had already planned on going to my office party for some free BBQ and say hi to everyone, and it worked out my sister was able to walk up for a few minutes to say hi as well.

John's family happened to be downtown already and planned to watch the fireworks on the riverfront - which is EXACTLY what Jason and I had already planned on! I mean how perfect is that?  And seeing the fireworks up close & in person were incredible - and I'm not just talking about the ones in the sky!

I could NOT get enough of their cuteness ;-)  Y'all, my sister has a boyfriend.  It's so weird.

It wouldn't be a trip to Nashville, without heading to the Drive-In! Happy to report we were the first ones to share in the Drive-In experience with John! Pretty cozy in our truck with 2 - 100 lb labs in the backseat along with Kati & John (I'm sure they didn't mind ALL that much).

And in other news - we've been dealing with the recent break-in of our house which was a major bummer, but not altogether traumatic either.  We're hoping that something positive comes out of the situation since we think we might know who did it.
On a more adorable note....I mean really.  How could you not love this yellow guy?  His sweet face just kills me.  

I had to include a pic of holding my nugget Kai.  I could kiss on him all day long.  I'm excited to get some snuggle time in with him this weekend and some much needed girl talk with his mama Julie.

And finally - a girls night out with some of my besties Julie, Amy & Jenni.  I know I'm beyond blessed with some seriously amazing friends out here.  I love these girls beyond words.

Ok - so you're all caught up!

Next post is about my experiences with Glossybox, a hot new trend where ladies can subscribe monthly for beauty boxes!!