Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And Then There Were Three

Two nights ago we picked up our third lab, a chocolate puppy we named CJ! He is the sweetest thing ever.  He loves to snuggle and other than a couple small accidents, he's housetrained already.   Jason and I headed down to Chattanooga on Sunday evening and met Susan Ellis of Confederate Labs to pick up our guy at 7 1/2 weeks old.  As soon as we picked him up, we headed down the street to Sonic and spent a little time playing with him and letting him go potty.  
I am so in love.

Here's a video of us playing with him at Sonic in Chattanooga.

He is just the sweetest & cuddliest thing ever!  Three weeks ago we drove down to Chickamauga, GA to see where the puppies are bred and pick out CJ from the litter.  Last time with Jeep & Seven, Jason met the breeder halfway and picked out Jeep & Seven while I was at work.  This time I went along and we played with all the puppies to see which one might be a good fit for our home.  Look how tiny he is! (below)

In the end, I think CJ picked us.  The pic above is when we had all three chocolate males out and were playing with them, when this little guy cuddled right into Jason's side and stayed there completely content.  He was just so darn sweet. 

I mean look at that face?!

As soon as we held him, we just knew that he was our guy.
He even began answering to his name right away!  Below is a video where we (I) played with him for the first time.

Once we had made our decision, we had the breeder mark him just for us! Those little green x's didn't last long though ;-) But even still, he was the largest chocolate male in the litter and the most perfect.
We were very lucky to meet Jeep, Seven & CJ's dad, Jackson (below).  He was so much like Seven in personality and even grunted just like him.  However, Jeep definitely takes after his mama Peaches, who had been given to another family. We also got to meet CJ's mama Missy who's also in the previous video.
Here's a great shot of what I believe is little CJ with his daddy Jackson.
It is so fun, and yet so much work, having a little puppy around again.  More than anything, I really want Jeep & Seven to get used to him.  So far, things have been a little rough.  The boys are extremely threatened and not thrilled at all with having to share Jason and I.  And surprisingly when we introduced them to CJ, instead of CJ rolling over and submitting himself to them, he instead stood his ground and growled and barked at them! haha!! Who knows, we may have a new Alpha in the making! 

One last video - Jeep & Seven meet CJ for the first time :-)

It was a bit scary with the boys being very territorial, but they're warming up veeerrrry slowly. Below is a pic from last night when it was late and we were all sleepy.  Jason fell asleep on Jeep & Seven, and CJ kept trying to snuggle up to Jeep who wasn't having it one bit.  Every time CJ tried to nuzzle Jeep's tail, Jeep would pull further away from him.  Poor little guy, he just wants to be loved. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Watching: Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Parenthood and I'm Having Their Baby.  I heard a rumor that this may be Private Practice's last season and that Addison (Kate Walsh) is leaving the show.  I would seriously freak out if that is the case, since PP is one of my all-time favorite shows ever.  I recently started getting into I'm Having Thier Baby which is a reality show where they show birthmom's picking out adoptive parents and the process of giving up their child.  I think this show is actually hugely beneficial in helping many people understand the amount of strength and selflessness some of these birth mothers have - it truly astounds me.  I've always heard the side from the adoptive parents, but never the birthmothers.  It's so addicting and so moving, love that show.

Listening To: While Jason and I were in Seattle we picked up the new Matchbox 20 CD and the new Maroon 5 CD - both are amazing and I listen to them constantly.  I'm not even that big of a Matchbox 20 fan (my hubs is a die-hard), but this album might just convince me!

Thinking About: All these horrible cases of Fungal Meningitis that has been breaking out in Tennessee from tainted steroid injections that hospitals and clinics were administering here in Nashville.  There's already something like 5 deaths in our area from it and thousands have received the contaminated shot, including a woman I work with!  So freakin scary and only confirms why I try not to do anything invasive if at all possible!

Trying To Figure Out: How on earth I'm going to get my house completely cleaned and ready to go before my parents visit.  And what type of meals I'll be cooking for them!  Yesterday I made a turkey chili that was bomb.  I think my parents would really like it and might add it to the list.  So excited!

Looking Forward To: Again my parents visit next week, but also picking up our new puppy CJ on Friday!!!  Yeah!!!!!  I may or may not be planning on sneaking him into the office on Monday afternoon ;-)

Wearing:  Speaking of the office - I can't for the life of me figure out why it's so difficult to figure out the AC/Heat situation in our area of the office!  It's freezing!! And when I've had enough, I have no other choice but to bust out my Forever Lazy. 
Reading:  Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  I've been so busy on house projects, cleaning, starting up home group and other various things that I haven't had much time to get into this book.  It's our book club's pick for September & October and we're going to discuss it over our annual Book Club Retreat in a couple weeks ;-)  But so far I'm really enjoying it! 

Making Me Happy: My sweet husband whose patience and love continues to dumbfound me. My well-behaved pups that makes me laugh uncontrollably.  My work friends that make the day that much easier to get through and humor keeps me rolling.  My personal friends and their faithfulness and loyalty. My Father God who has blessed me abundantly.