Monday, November 28, 2011

Spider Nightmares

At 7:15am Jeep started moaning at the bedroom door because he was out of water.  Thankfully, he woke me up because I had my alarm on silent and would have completely overslept through work this morning.  Exhausted is an understatement, as Jason and I worked all day yesterday on setting up the tree, decorating, cleaning, laundry ect. But then you add the fact that I was up frequently throughout the night with nightmares of these nasty little devils....

Anyone care to tell me what this might be? 

A freakin Brown Recluse Spider!!!  And Jason found 4 of them inside our tree stand in the shed! 



I begged Jason to please go buy a spider bomb from Lowes or Home Depot and set it off in the Shed ASAP.  Thankfully he spotted the spiders while still outside & killed them out there.  But I'm terrified of these things getting in the house now.  You know they're poisonous right?

I'll be spraying all our window frames & door frames with Raid this evening.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's Pretend It's Still Summer Shall We?

I can't believe summer has already come & gone :-( 
I've actually come to love the summers here in the South,
despite the humid days and high temperatures. 
In late September & early October we were still having gorgeous 80 degree weather and both my sisters came out for visits separately. 
At first I thought I would be bummed not having all 3 of us together at the same time,
but then I later really appreciated that I had them all to myself with some one-on-one time.

Kati came out for a quick 4 days and we jam packed as much as we could do of both relaxation and fun.  

We squeezed in breakfast at The Hermitage Cafe,

 coffee at Crema,

 a trip to the Nashville Flea Market,

BBQ at Pucketts in Leipers Fork,

snuggled up at an evening Brentwood softball game with hot coffee,

and later that evening, a homemade Peanut Butter/Butterfinger Cheesecake.
You'll notice that Seven is next to the oven by my feet, Jeep next to him and Jason halfway between the dining and living room.  Just a regular evening chillaxin at the Keith home.
Jeep & Seven wishing Kati would just drop something for them to nibble on.

We also enjoyed some delicious Jenni's Ice Cream at Hot & Cold in Hillsboro Village,

and played fetch with the boys in the backyard,  
It was all so wonderful & went by way too quickly!

A week later, Kris came out for 10 days and we spent a few days in Nashville & then headed down to Destin, Florida for 5 days on a white sandy beach with blue/green water.  It was ah-maz-ing!
Really, what more can I say?  Who knew this gem of paradise was a 7 hour drive away? 

To help pass the time and distract Kris from getting car sick, we listened to The Confession by John Grisham which we rented from Cracker Barrel. I wasn't a huge fan, but it did the trick.  

I mean seriously, how cute is the huge 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo that we stayed at?

We cooked, we slept, we laid in the sun, we read and I tapped, tapped, tapped on my iPad. 

It was heaven.

And now they're gone and in just a short time I'll see them again at Christmas - can't wait!