Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Good Deed Gone Awry

This little dude (let's call him Romeo) showed up on our porch Saturday night as I was reading by the front window. Always secretly hoping for an opportunity to reunite someone with their beloved pet, I took him in and tried to find his owners.

He looked to be a mixed beagle with beautiful tan spots & speckled coloring and had a leather collar on with a chewed through lead. He wasn't hungry or dirty, so I thought maybe he had recently escaped. Seven was in the house, where we've kept him most of the time to keep an eye on his stitches and away from Jeep so they don't wrestle. Jeep was in the backyard and is our more social dog so I thought the two would get along fabulously. Not so. Apparently this little 15 pound beagle was intruding on Jeep's territory and Jeep pushed the guy off the side of the porch and growled at him!! I've never seen that side of Jeep before! He just wasn't having it. So I brought Jeep in the house to join Seven and left Romeo in the backyard.

Then I proceeded to post Found listings on a couple different sites anticipating my moment of being some little kid's hero at saving his little puppy and reuniting them once again. Well at 2am that all began to change. He tried to dig out of the yard and started barking incessantly, which made my very large and very loud dogs start barking from within the house. Not exactly your ideal sleeping environment. So Jason gets up and puts Romeo in the bathroom. Now our boys are really started to get peeved, cause this intruder is in our house. Then we hear more barking and the scratching of our bathroom door. At this point, I'm feeling horribly guilty for taking away much needed & precious sleep for the both of us and so I offer to take Romeo into the guest room so Jason can get some sleep. Jason heads to the couch with the boys in the living room, in order to calm them. This "adorable little beagle" was quickly wearing on my last nerve as the clock started nearing closer to 3am. He kept jumping up on me trying to have his passionate way with my arm. Sick! There was just no way around it, until this un-neutered friend of ours found a female, he was not going to be deterred & was going to make this one heck of a long night!

At that point, I figured this dog is safer on the streets than he is near me, cause I'm going to end up smothering this canine with a pillow! So out he went back on the streets at 3 o'clock in the morning. Then I just PRAYED that no one would respond to my listings online. I felt HORRIBLY guilty all Sunday until I started to receive a couple emails from fellow neighbors who had the same experience with the same dog. Apparently he knows his way around and was on a mission, so who was I stop him?

I just might have learned my lesson on trying to rescue a pup, but who knows if the next little guy is even cuter it might be harder for me to resist.