Thursday, October 05, 2006

Maybe this is it?

We have another opportunity where Jason's music will be pitched to some influential people. Nick Giaconia and Jason have been working on a song to pitch to the manager of Little Big Town. Chuck Wicks just laid the vocals down for the demo, which I was able to hear a rough copy of when I met them at the studio. We're hoping they also like Right Where We Belong and put that song on hold - so continue to pray!!

Other recent news, we finally got our gym memberships. The gym's not far from our house and its a pretty nice one, where only serious athletic people work out, not a meat market where everyone is checking each other out. The police department is next door as well, which makes me feel a lot better about working out there alone in the evenings - there's usually an officer or two around. And I love the Cardio Theater, which is where they continually play movies and its dimly lit with all kinds of exercise equipment. I usually get on the treadmill and the distraction makes the time just fly by.

We also got a washer & dryer for the apartment. The freakish laundromats were really getting old. I am telling you, there are some strange people in those places. I was in there once and the owner was yelling at this woman for leaving her clothes in the washer and then leaving and coming back. And she was screaming back at him and he was calling her a crack-whore and threatening to call the police - come on folks, it's just wet clothes. Yeah it was very entertaining. I just wanted to wash my clothes and get the heck out of there. Now that we have a w/d, I actually look forward to coming home and doing the laundry. Isn't it amazing how we take things for granted, until we don't have them anymore?

Work is going great. My bosses are still treating me very well and I love working for them. Larry drives me a little nutty sometimes with his OCD'ness , but he's never rude or condescending. At times I want to call him Uncle Larry. Paul is has also been great to work for. He's such a family man and loves to tell me stories of his kids latest football games in great detail. He has 3 boys and a fourth boy on the way. I wouldn't know what to do if I had 4 sons - good Lord. Why stop there? If you have five, you could have a basketball team. (Dad, don't get too excited)

This afternoon I'm spending my lunch with Melissa from work and we're heading to a Fall Designer Jeans & Apparel Sale. Supposedly they have all the top brands of jeans for 75 % off - like Sevens for $35 and Blue Cult, Citizens and True Religions to name a few. It's a sale for some big charity...sounds like a good excuse to me. I told her to beware, because for me this is like taking an addict into a bar. Thank God I get paid tomorrow :-)

The weather is changing fast and pretty soon all the fall colors will be out. Everyone keeps telling me how gorgeous Tennessee is in the fall and I can't wait, especially since it is my favorite season. I hope to get some great pictures to post as well. That's all for now!

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Anonymous said...

That is so funny...I heard you make a comment about how Jason doesn't like stuff left int he dryer and I totally didn't even think about it. That is sweet! Gotta love being able to stay home and watch a movie and get stuff done. I will be praying for this new opportunity for Jason! We are all praying for his music career to take off! Love you guys!