Wednesday, June 20, 2007


That's right y'all - we're in the midst of our crazy hot summer here in Nashville and things are starting to heat up for sure! This last week has been a busy one with Jason's parents here for a visit. We packed in as much as we could and a had a great time...and yes, of course we had to do a puzzle! Jason seems to be getting into this whole puzzle thing now, because one night after I went to bed, he stayed up with his mom till almost 4am and almost finished it. I don't know what's got into him lately, but he must be catching the puzzle-bug. Some highlights with Jerry & Sherry that are for sure worth mentioning is having lunch at the Loveless Cafe, dinner at Mortons Steakhouse for Father's Day, (in which we also saw Don King with his entourage), and a Writer's Round at The Commodore in West End with Jason, Jeff Batson and Aaron Sherz performing!! And as a special treat, Jason and his parents were able to drive down to Atlanta to catch a Red Sox game on Monday night.

I had bought a new camera and had planned on taking some pictures, but of course forgot during the most opportune times...dangit. I've got to get better at this!!

Now its back to things as usual, just until we expect our next visitor, my sister KATI!! She flies in on July 3rd, just eleven days from now and I'm starting to get really excited!

Some of you have asked about the status of our hold with Rodney Atkins - well, we're still waiting. It turns out that because his current album is still doing so well, they're going to release a 4th single before starting to record his new album sometime in late August/early September. If you ever feel like you need learn some lessons in patience....Nashville's your town ;-) Jason's a pro at taking it all in stride and trusting God...but I'm still learning. We've been told its a 10 year town - and we're on year number 8. I'm so proud of Jason for sticking in there all these years, most of them on his own, because as I'm fast learning its not an easy business by any means.

In just a short 5 months, we'll be looking to buy a house - yippee!! I can barely contain myself and I try not to get too crazy by browsing through realtor websites, but its just too much fun not to! I've also recently discovered a fun new website for home decor ideas
Rate My Space by I've been in an apartment for the last 6 years and I'm soooo ready to own our house, paint some walls, decorate and then fill it up with family and friends. It's going to be a blast!

I hope your all enjoying some great weather and plenty of BBQ's back home. I'll be up and running with the new camera soon - so stay tuned!

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