Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Competition and Me Don't Mix

Those of you that know me well....know that I have a problem with competition. Or maybe I should put it this way, there are very few people brave enough to sit down and play a game of Monopoly with me. Here's the deal - I hate to lose. I grew up playing basketball and volleyball and I had a real issue with losing or performing badly. I expect that when I put my mind to something I should win. Therefore, when I do lose - I don't lose well and I really don't like the person I become or the way it makes me feel. So now for the most part I'm fairly non-competitive unless the stakes are hard to resist.

For example - I've been participating in a weight loss contest for the last 10 weeks. I had fooled myself to think that I was only participating and it was not a competition. It wasn't supposed to be about who lost the most weight or how fast, but rather we each had a goal of losing 10 pounds and then those who made their goal were entered into a series of drawings for cash prizes. Well I sit here now 10 weeks later, 10 pounds lighter and with zero cash prizes. Why do I feel like I lost a competition? It was after all, or at least supposedly, a random drawing. A lot of hard work, a lot of self-discipline and I'm not content knowing I've lost the weight, I did it to win. To win the prize. And instead what I receive is what all participants receive, whether they lost 2 pounds or 20 pounds we all get a freakin t-shirt. Sorry, but I'd rather have Park Place for $100 or Boardwalk for $500 - those were pretty awesome prizes.

So yea, I'm upset and I've taken it personal. And I'm remembering all the reasons why I've chosen to be a non-competitive person. I just can't handle it. If it was about losing the weight, I would have joined a club or taken out my pilates videos - but it was about the money, the wonderful little cash cards that would have given me a little freedom in being a little frivolous.

I think I'll go eat a donut now.


Anonymous said...

I remember a Monopoly board flying at my head once.

Rachel Sarah said...

Enjoy your donut. :>)

The Stockwells said...

Ha! You are hilarious. Ad doughnut sounds so good :)

Katrina Hope said...

ever notice you can spell donuts (doughnuts) 2 ways?

You are so funny kim. Embrace the competitive side! lol!!! Just kidding. When I first opened your blog and saw that monopology board, my stomach dropped a little bit...then I quickly remembered I am across the country and I knew I could read on safely and laugh at the outcome.

ps. I am guessing the first comment was kris.

OH- and you and Jason are TERRIBLE! lol! You two better come pay a visit to find out how things are going here ;) (or should I sign XOX haha?)

-little one

Anonymous said...

It is not I, who is responsible for this attitude. But we did play this very competive game while we were waiting for Kati to be born. We counted contractions as we counted spaces - maybe this could be the deep routed Monopoly emotional trama or that I still beat the crap out of all of you. Oh sorry as I was saying it is not me. MOM Love you, Mean It XOX :-)