Thursday, October 07, 2010

So terribly wrong

So if you hadn't seen my post from Facebook already, Tuesday morning Jason and I woke up to a very unpleasant surprise. To be honest it was probably the rudest awakening I've ever had in my life...well almost.

Around 6am I'm aroused from my sleep to the smell of something so foul it made my stomach turn. And to be honest, the first thought I had was, "Oh geez Jason, what on earth was that?" Thinking of course that he had some terrible gas. But then as I come to my senses, I realize, no this is WAY worse. I tiptoe through the living room praying I'll avoid whatever foul thing I'm smelling and turn on the lights & turn off the alarm. The sun isn't quite up yet, so it was still quite dark in the house. That's when Jason wakes up and thinks the same thing of me, like I had let some serious fart go. Yuck. He gets up and asks me, "What are you doing up?" And I look at him and respond, "Do you NOT SMELL THAT?!" He responds, "Yeah it smells like poop." So I say, "I know and I'm trying to see where its at."

And Lord did I find it. Around the corner of the dining room table, on our brown rug and all over the hardwood floors and splattered up on the wall & curtains was some seriously disgusting doggy diarrhea. Oh yes people, diarrhea from a 90 pound Labrador! Are you following me here? It was DISGUSTING. We followed the trail to a huge mound of nastiness in our kitchen on the tile floor. All I can say is, thank God for tile & hardwoods. I will NEVER have carpet with dogs & kids. Blech..... I think in total Jason and I gagged 5-6 times between us and used up almost 2 rolls of paper towels and half a liter of pet cleaner over the next 45 minutes. Even at that hour of the morning we both thought of the story Heather Armstrong shared on her blog Dooce of how her own dog Chuck did the same thing throughout their brand new home. And we remember thinking to ourselves, "Oh my word, how horrible would that be? Poor them." Ha. Lesson learned and now we've managed to join that club ourselves.

If I had my wits about me, I would have taken some pictures for y'all to share in the misery with us. It was SO NOT cool. As Jason and I would take turns gagging while cleaning up the mess, I kept saying, "Cleaning up puke on top of this is going to make this whole experience 10 TIMES WORSE. DON'T PUKE." Thankfully we weren't hosting small group at our house that night, because it would not have gone over well with the stench that remained in our house over the next couple days. It's almost getting back to normal.

Aren't y'all glad I shared :-)


ReSoNate said...

Thank YOU for reminding me why I only want outside pets... when that day comes. I will be sure to share this story to John too who is sure I will change my mind. Nope.

Katrina Hope said...

not gonna lie- happy that you didn't think to take pics to share...

Connie said...

Hahahaha! Sorry that REALLY sucks but I can just picture you two that early gagging and cleaning- lol! OH man... I do know the feeling though. Our dog was allergic to EVERYTHING and always dug in the trash so I dealt with lots of crap too. I hope that NEVER happens to you again!