Friday, December 03, 2010

Do you Advent?

I think there is just something so fun about an Advent Calendar. I grew up with the candy ones that had the little molded chocolates inside and thought they were so fun to open through out the month of December.
Jason and I have a cute little painted wood one that I picked up from Old Time Pottery and I like to fill it with peppermint & chocolate candy. But lately, I've seen some Advent Calendars that I am just drooling over and would love to make myself for my own family someday.

How fun are these?!! This one is homemade by Scrapbook Dimensions.
And I love these two from Pottery Barn:
And there's even a whole group on Flickr with some seriously cute homemade Advent Calendars that you should check out here.


Emily said...

One of my friends is making this Advent calendar this year and I LOVE it!

ReSoNate said...

I totally remember those little chocolate advent calendars from my childhood. I'm bummed that I didn't think of it for Elisha this year... definitely next year! Thanks for the ideas, too. Of all the pics you put up, my favorite is the one you already have. Good choice!