Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well if they can keep their Christmas lights up...

As I drove home from work last night and saw the strands of Christmas lights STILL lining some trees on our block, I couldn't help but think - "Hey I can post about Christmas on my blog, if they can still keep their Christmas lights up!" I know, I know, I'm ridiculously behind on updates. But the thing is, I've been pretty tied up with some other personal matters and blogging has not been one of my top priorities right now.

AND what with Facebook, I figured everyone has already been inundated with Christmas photos ;-0

Anyway - let's begin.
You know that tender Tennessee Christmas I was hoping for? Well we woke up to snow Christmas morning and it couldn't have been more magical!
We must have gotten close to 6-7 inches maybe? It was breathtaking all around us.
The icicles hung so far off the house, that we could break them off and give them as treats to the boys.
The property did not have a fence, so the boys enjoyed some rare roaming privileges wandering through the forest.
And Seven loved the snow so much that he would literally roll around in it like it was grass.
A few different times Jason would take the boys down to a nearby kids camp that was closed up for the season and get some of their energy out.
And then later that afternoon he would soothe his muscles by sitting for hours in the hot tub out back with his brother-in-law Scott.
The guys surprised us with a little tree, which Grandma set right away to decorating and the rest of us filled up with presents!
The house was so cozy! It was better than we could ever imagine and had every amenity we could ever ask for! You can see Grandma and Sherry working the puzzle in the living room below.
And while the women puzzled, the men played a few rounds of golf (cards that is).
For most of the family, it was their first white Christmas ever! I believe this is Jason's self-portrait snowman he made.
Jason made this little guy on the front porch railing outside our bedroom. I woke up every morning to this tiny snowman and he held steady until we departed our final day. How cute is that carrot nose?
Kelley's Boston snowman.
Christmas morning snuggles with Jeep. He was pretty distraught most of the vacation since we had a fire continuously going. He is terribly afraid of fire and had to stay behind the couch where he couldn't see it.
I married a nut.
Jeep & Seven conked out from a long day playing in the snow.
Jason said he would build me my own cabin someday - so he got started right away on the prototype.
Seriously, how cute are my boys? They are inseparable and the best ever!
It was a wonderful time and I hope that we can spend another Christmas there in the future!


Holli said...

These are great pics! It's looks like you had fun.... love seeing that!

Mama Kelly said...

Will this mean all holidays or only Christmas we check your blog????? JASON GET KIM A CAMERA Love mama Kelly

Kim said...

Haa haa, yeah I think I'll just post on holidays now ;-)

Hey my birthday's coming up next month - you all could get me a camera together!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Is that your house? WOW. It's gorgeous.

Kim said...

Haha, no unfortunately it's not our house - though I wish! We rented it just for the holidays ;-)