Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finished Windows!

Well the windows are done!!  What would have probably taken us a year or more to do ourselves took 2 weeks by hiring Cindy Lantrip & her crew to completely restore our original hardwood windows!!  They painted them white and now they open without any effort ....and I have to admit they are pretty freakin GORGEOUS!

This fall we'll add some storm windows & screens, but for now the weather is so nice we don't need to really worry about it just yet.

This is the dining room window and it took the most work out of all of them!  Can you believe that the crew actually found crumbled up potato chip BAGS stuffed into the window sills!!  They had to completely rebuild the inside of these windows.  And the window pane on the left was completely recut and replaced since it didn't match the others.  So pretty!!

Since the windows have been redone, we've been completely inspired to finish painting the trim on the house!  So far Jason's caulked the porch ceiling and I've primed the posts, the door frame and the beam along the ceiling.  I still have so much to do though!  Knowing my sisters are coming out here this fall has been HUGE motivation to get it lookin nice ;-)  We still need to prime the rest of the baby poop brown gutters, the top window and the sides of the house that have trim.  I also want to prime & paint the cinder block foundation a darker shade of green than the house.  Then we also plan to add some moulding & trim to the posts, put in a new door and add chocolate brown accents around the windows, posts & ceiling.  Then we plan to strip the porch floor & restain it and the steps chocolate brown.  And finally we'll finish everything off by ripping out the bushes & planting gardenias across the front :-)  SO much work, but it will be worth it!

But hey!  Check out our finished brick walkway!!

I helped Jason with laying mortar on the flat part, but the steps was ALL him!  Doesn't it look awesome!?!

As soon as we get more finished on the house, I'll be sure to post even more pics!


Holli said...

Everything looks SOOOO good :)

Anonymous said...

It's looking VERY nice, Dear. You and Jason are doing an awesome job.
Love, DAD

Kristin Kelly said...

It us just adorable. And that walkway looks fantastic!