Monday, November 28, 2011

Spider Nightmares

At 7:15am Jeep started moaning at the bedroom door because he was out of water.  Thankfully, he woke me up because I had my alarm on silent and would have completely overslept through work this morning.  Exhausted is an understatement, as Jason and I worked all day yesterday on setting up the tree, decorating, cleaning, laundry ect. But then you add the fact that I was up frequently throughout the night with nightmares of these nasty little devils....

Anyone care to tell me what this might be? 

A freakin Brown Recluse Spider!!!  And Jason found 4 of them inside our tree stand in the shed! 



I begged Jason to please go buy a spider bomb from Lowes or Home Depot and set it off in the Shed ASAP.  Thankfully he spotted the spiders while still outside & killed them out there.  But I'm terrified of these things getting in the house now.  You know they're poisonous right?

I'll be spraying all our window frames & door frames with Raid this evening.


Katrina Hope said...

siiiiiicccckkkkk!!! Don't show pictures like that to little sisters you want to come visit! You know I already strip down my entire bed before I go to sleep when I stay with you, right? Now I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep at all!!! YUCK!

Kristin Kelly said...

What a man Jason is. Putting up the decorations, killing poisonous spiders, bombing the shed, now that's a man. :)You know mom got bit by one of those once.

Mama said...

No it was a spider that was not very nice but not one of those babies