Thursday, April 13, 2006

Almost there...

Well Banks is on her way to the South! This morning Jason and I drove out to the Delta Cargo Facility to send our cat on a flight to Nashville. Let me tell you, it was a really hard thing to do. I thought I was doing pretty good, till I saw her look back at me with sad eyes from inside her little carrier moving down the conveyor belt. And that's when I absolutely lost it. I cried all the way to the car and halfway back to the office. Seriously, all this crying is wearing me out!

This last weekend with Jason's parents was so much fun. Both our families got to hang out quite a bit and get to know each other even more. Plus, Jason and I were completely blessed with Jerry & Sherry bringing up the china that his grandmother (our grandmother :-) ) Evie, gave us as a wedding present. We went to the San Juans and saw Roche Harbor, we ate too much at Salty's on Alki and we watched corny movies my dad picked out till the late hours of the night - of course cause we're Kellys and that's what we do!! :-) Plus it was a treat that Kati was on Spring Break from the Masters Commission, so I could get a little more time with her before I leave.

Oh! And one last thing - it was Jason's mission to get a picture of a Vietnamese restaurant for his sister & brother-in-law, so in their honor, I've also posted that picture for y'all!

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