Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coming Home!

On Thursday I'll be heading home to spend a few days with my family! I'm very excited to see them, but at the same time pretty darn nervous about my flight. So if you happen to think of me that day, please say a little prayer that we have a smooth flight and I have lots of peace :-) We were able to find a great price on a nonstop Southwest flight (which might I add is the only nonstop flight there is between Nashville and Seattle). I leave Thursday afternoon, arrive into Seattle in the early evening and head back home to my man Sunday afternoon. The main reason for my return home to Seattle is to go the George Strait concert with my sister Kati. Dad bought her two tickets for her birthday and she chose me to go with her!! Yea!!! I guess I should be brushing up on my George Strait songs. I also get an entire evening with Kris, which I'm excited about - so who knows what she's got in store for us to do. Friday's hanging with the parentals, Saturday the concert and Sunday I'm back to Nashville. Crazy huh?

This last week held a few fun surprises. As I told you all, we celebrated our anniversary at a Bed & Breakfast called the Byrn-Roberts Inn. It was very relaxing and the inn was just beautiful. The best part though was these amazing breakfasts that the owner would cook in the mornings - oh my word. If you know Jason and I, it takes a lot to get us out of bed in the morning and we weren't a minute late for one of these incredible breakfasts. I was able to read my book, Jason worked on his Sudoku puzzles, we watched movies, and enjoyed that fabulous jetted claw foot bathtub (which we have to get one when we get a house!!). Then on Sunday night (our actual anniversary) Jason drove me downtown for a surprise dinner at The Palm. We don't have The Palm back home, but it's similar to a Mortons Steakhouse, and I would say specializes more in fish than steak. Now here I have to explain why it is that we went to the Palm. Back a month or so ago, Jason was working at Mortons and waiting on one of their big VIPs. This gentleman is quite the regular there and had a group with him, probably about 7 all together. Well as Jason's coming back to the table to check on them, he noticed that Turner (the VIP guy) was slumped in his chair and looking as if he wasn't breathing! Well you might be wondering why no one else at his table had noticed this, and that would be because Turner is drunk 98% of the time he's there. So of course, he just appeared to everyone else as though he was intoxicated. Yeah, that and the fact that he had this nasty thick mucous crap coming out of his mouth falling into his lap. So gross. So Jason asks Turner - "you ok Turner?" No answer. Then Jason gives Turner a good slap on the back - thwack! "Turner!" Still nothing. So without a moment's hesitation, my husband jumps into action, wraps his arms around Turner and gives him the Heimlich. Out comes all this nasty crap that must have been blocking his windpipe or something. And by now of course everyone is realizing what is going on and getting quite concerned. Turner comes around and looks up at Jason, slurring something about nothing and all is well again. My modest husband goes on with the table as usual, but his coworkers made a huge fuss over him and kept saying that Jason saved one of their VIP's lives!! I tend to agree more with his co-workers. And his General Manager Corey had to have thought that as well, because he rewarded Jason with a $150 gift certificate to The Palm for his great deed! And that brings us to why we were having dinner at The Palm on our anniversary, and why I hadn't mentioned anything of this before, because Jason wanted to keep our dinner as a surprise. Isn't that a cool story?? So here I've attached a picture of the two of us at dinner at The Palm.

The other fun surprise that Jason had up his sleeve was what he got me for our anniversary. He had last Sunday night off from work and mentioned that he was really in the mood for a burger at Roberts Bar downtown. So I'm like - ok, that's a little odd, but I love their burgers too, so why not? I'm still dressed up from church that morning, so we both just freshen up a bit and head out the door. We get downtown and he parks a couple blocks from the bar and asks if we can walk by the Symphony hall on our way. K - its not on the way, but in the words of my husband - whatever blows your skirt up darlin'. We walk by the Symphony Hall and he doesn't even look at it - which I've pointed out, and now we're heading to the GEC (Gaylord Entertainment Center). It's not a pretty building and its getting fairly cold outside - what's with the detour dear? Then Jason turns to me and says, "I'm taking you to Dancing with the Stars - Happy Anniversary!" yeah!!!!! I loved that show and watched it faithfully. I was so excited and we walked straight inside and found our seats. It was a great show and so fun to see the celebrities and professionals dance live. Even Sara Evans made an appearance and sang her single and did her cowboy dance with her partner Tony. Then Jerry Springer also made an appearance and did one of his numbers for us. We had a great time. Isn't my man such a romantic?

And here's a bit of an update for y'all. Jason has posted two new songs on his Myspace Music page, for those of you that want to check it out. The two new songs he recently had demo'd are "Don't Give Up On Me" and "See Jane Go". You can listen to them by going to: http://www.myspace.com/jasonrosskeith

I hope your all doing well and don't forget to leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!


Cindy Skypala said...

Jason and Kimberly,
I was just cleaning out some old emails and came across the one you sent on March 21, 06 announcing your new blog so I opened it and read it. Wow! What a great time you guys must be having. We love you and miss you both! Hope to see you soon.
Cindy Skypala

Anonymous said...

A very hearty Thank You to that wonderful husband and son-in-law for sharing Kim with us for a few days here in Seattle.. It was a special and precious time together.
Thanks so much, Jason !! Poppa T

Skyler & Suzanne said...

Hey Kim,
Hope you had a good visit home! I am sure it was time for some sister time.