Monday, February 05, 2007

It Snowed!

So how was Seattle you ask? It was really quick but definately fun! I loved being able to hang out with my family, even if it was for only a few days. Once I was at my parents house, it didn't feel like all that much time had actually gone by. I was staying back in my old room from when I was a teenager (then became Kris', then Jason's, and now Kati's room) and all the old familiar smells and sounds I remember. The flights out were relatively smooth (thank you God!) and I packed in as much as I could in those three days I was home. I was able to get Jason some of our favorite chocolates from Oh Chocolate! and burgers from Dicks - oh how I've missed the little things!! I've also missed my friends a whole bunch and my short stay in Seattle did not allow much flexibility to squeeze visits in with anyone else, but I do hope to be back in Seattle in the next month or so to spend a few more days with some dear friends, and this time bringing my honey along with me. This first picture you see is of me with the family at The Beach Cafe in Kirkland. You can't see the waterfront behind me, but it was a beautiful day. From left to right that's my mom, then my cousin's Kathrine and Kolleen, my dad and me (Kati was taking the picture).
So to start, I got in to Seattle on Thursday evening and Kris picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to the theater to see Stomp The Yard. It was pretty good, but I think I'll like it more the second time around. Afterwards, I was too much of a grandma to join her and Barco to go out dancing, but then it had already been a long day for me with working a half day, flying for 4 1/2 hours and then going to a movie. I know, you feel sorry for me don't you? ha! In this second pic, my mom got Kati, dad and I at the Beach Cafe, with Kolleen trying to sneak her way into the photo as well.

After coming home from the movie with Kris, my family started to arrive at the house to give me big hugs and smooches. Dad had been working that night and Kati was off partying somewhere I'm sure, but they heard I was home and they came a runnin'! I ended up staying up till nearly 4am Nashville time! Friday consisted of a family lunch to The Beach Cafe in Kirkland on the waterfront, and it was simply beautiful outside! I have missed the water so much back home!! Kati was gracious and took the girls back to the house, so mom & dad could spend some quality time with me. In true Kelly fashion, we ended back at the theater and watched ROCK-Y BAL-BOA! (You're supposed to yell that out in broken syllables, like the announcer does). I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. Those of you that don't know, Rocky has been a vital part of our upbringing - so what if Dad had all girls, that didn't keep us from being raised with Rocky, Elvis, race car sets and war films. (love you dad!) And to make the day even better, it turned out that we were the only ones in the theater - so during the scene where Rocky runs up the steps in his sweats, training for his big fight (yes, I'm talking about the last movie, not the first one), mom gets up and starts running around the theater boxing at the air. At first I was like - oh no. But then I looked over at Dad (who had stars in his eyes toward his wife), and said - "why not?" So we both got up and joined mom in running around the whole theater, boxing at the air to the Rocky theme. It was awesome and yes, we're a little bit crazy, but so what! After our workout in the movie theater, we headed to the Taproom for dinner and beer - oh yeah, I don't drink. And who do we run into, but my favorite people...(I'm being sarcastic here)...Uncle Larry & Aunt Marilyn Kelly. We hung out with them for a bit while we were waiting to be seated, but then they tried to crash our dinner and well, that's just taking it a little too far. We said goodbye and enjoyed the rest of our dinner catching up on life. Saturday morning Kati and I got up and jumped into bed with Kris. She loves us when we do that! We had to have sister snuggle time! I think its my favorite thing when us girls get together - we make a sister sandwich with Kris in the middle and she gets all squirrly, its so great. Now that Kris was up, she and Kati made me a wonderful breakfast complete with waffles, fresh orange juice and lattes. I then left to meet up with Tina, Jay and the fam (I missed you Addie!) and we exchanged Christmas gifts. Jason and I received the most beautiful canvas portrait of one of our favorite wedding pictures, fully framed and matted. Now we just need to decide where we want to hang it! I'll have to take a picture of it and show you all.
This picture of Kati and I cracks me up - mom wanted to take a picture of us and we didn't plan it at all, but we had the same exact expression on our face. So funny. I really wish I had more pictures of Kris though. When she was around, my camera wasn't working - which was a bummer, cause her and Kati were thrashing around on the hallway floor and those would have made some fun pics.

And finally Saturday night was the big concert - the whole reason I flew to Seattle in the first place. George Strait, Ronnie Milsap and Taylor Swift were performing at the Tacoma Dome and Kati and I had great seats. I felt bad being there with her, since I'm not a true George Strait fan and I know my husband would have enjoyed it way more than I did, but nonetheless, George did not disappoint in the least. And Kati was as giddy as a schoolgirl. On the way home we stopped for ice cream at Dicks and then I stayed up late with parents to watch The Guardian before heading off to bed. Sunday was bittersweet - I had to say goodbye to my family once again, which I never like and then Tina came and picked me up so we could get a cup of coffee before heading to the airport. I hated leaving my family, but I very much missed my husband too. So while I was sad, I was really excited to see my man. That flight was great too and I arrived back to Nashville greeted by 15 degree weather....brrr! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, stories and updates of my time in Seattle. I wished I could have spent more time there, but hopefully I'll be back again soon. I love you all and think of you often!
Oh! And to explain the heading of "It Snowed!" - Well it did! It snowed here in Nashville last Thursday night and again on Sunday. It didn't stick enough for our office to close, but it did blanket Nashville with close to two inches and it stuck around for a couple days. I'm hoping we get more this week and enough to close down my work so I get a snow day!! That's all for now - I hope your all enjoying your winters as well, where ever it is you call home :-)

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Katrina Hope said...

I love you! That weekend was sooo fun. I cannot wait to see you again, I am already looking forward to visiting you and Jase this summer. I love that pick of us making the same face, that was pretty funny. I was over at Katie and Tommy's the other night and Katie kept saying that I looked like you, as far as mannerisms and facial expressions, it made me happy :) She said I am such a mix of you and kris in one--- I said yep, I'm pretty confused. Its great though :) LOVE YOU! See you in July probably- yeehaa! Honky tonks, coffee dates, and some good ol' fashion sister cuddling...and not to be forgotten, SWEET TEA! Plus, swimming- I miss having Jason to go hot tubbing with me. (I miss your hot tub in general!!!)Gosh its been a long time since I have had a tan- like a tan tummy, and not just a farmers tan. ;)