Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'd Take A Seattle Earthquake Any Day!

I'm sitting in my office, 27 floors above the ground looking out at quite the storm. Dark wispy clouds have been flying by us with bits of hail and tons of rain. We're on what they call "Tornado Watch". Um no thank you. Many schools in the area started sending kids home at noon because of the storm & severe weather warnings. But not us, oh no. We here at Adams & Reese are like the friggin' infantry. Nothing can deter us from getting our duties done. Come rain, snow, sleet, rain or tornadoes. This morning a church down the street from where we live was struck by lightning. It didn't do a ton of damage, but it did knock some bricks off the wall and make a hole in the roof. Hopefully this storm will be over fairly soon!!

Many of you might be wondering how the Kelly Clarkson & Reba concert went....well let's just say it was fabulous! They sounded so amazing together and Kelly is just incredible live. I'm so looking forward to when her next album comes out. And Reba is in the midst of starting to record a new album that's all duets, in which she'll sing with Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake and possibly Beyonce. I'm really looking forward to hearing it! The only bummer thing about the concert, was that because it was a private filming for tv, there was no cameras or photos allowed, which means I didn't get any pictures of Reba & Kelly. However, I did get a cute pic of Brooke and I, but I still need to download it from my camera. I had such a great time that night - Brooke and I had dinner at Mortons, where Jason was able to wait on us, then we went to the CMT Crossroads show and then back to her place to watch Greys with our friend Kacie. It was just the best night.

Ok - so change of subject. My mom-in-law sent me some pics of cats that get "painted". I'm guessing they must be airbrushed. I thought I would attach some of these pictures for everyone to glance at. And get this, some of these paint jobs cost close to $15,000 a pop!

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Anonymous said...

I'll paint your cat... and it won't
cost you anything :-) I usually dip
them..... heh heh