Thursday, February 22, 2007

Party Like It's 1999!

Tonight is the night y'all!!

I've got my outfit. I've got my camera. And I'm ready to party!!!

The concert starts at 8pm. Actually I guess it's not really a concert, but more of a recording? Supposedly Reba and Kelly will sing three songs of eachothers. This is definately a high moment of my life. I know Kelly must be staying someplace downtown and can I tell you how tempted I was to park myself in Starbucks in our building and just wait for her?! I figure she's bound to show up eventually.
Brooke and I are going to get ready here at the office around 5, then walk down to Mortons for dinner at 6. Have my hot hunny wait on us :-), then walk back over to the Ryman to see Kelly perform by 8 (also picture included of the Ryman, which was first the original Grand Ol Opry before it became the Ryman). And when you look at the picture of the Ryman, you'll notice the tall building in the left corner, that's where I work, up on the 27th floor. The contact from CMT emailed Brooke and asked that we not shop up any later than 7:30, since our tickets are at Will Call, and they will be locking the doors at 7:45 so there won't be any interruptions to the filming.

Other entertainment news worth the mention. As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of dancing shows. And the contestents names were just released for this season's Dancing With The Stars. The very same show that Jason surprised me by taking me to thier show while they were on tour! Anyway, this year should be interesting with Heather Mills (formerly McCartney) competing, which as many of you know, she has a prosthetic leg.

As well as Billy Ray Cyrus - yes, I was a big fan of the Achy Breaky Heart back in the day.

Joey from N'Sync...of course the boy bands have to represent and give everyone a run for thier money... (ie. Drew Lache from 98 Degrees and Joey from New Kids on the Block).

I'm personally rooting for Paulina Porizkova.
She was a big time model back in my high school days, and other than her infamous Estee Lauder pics, we don't know much about her, except that she's amazingly gorgeous and not much of an actress.

There's two token athletes this year; Clyde Drexler, a basketball Hall of Famer, who knows, maybe he'll win everyone over like Emmitt Smith did last year?

And Apolo Ohno, the Olympic Speed Skating Champion.

Well that's I got for you now, more about the concert this week!

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Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY gonna have fun tonite!!!