Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This is me at work. And I usually have to ask someone to repeat themselves once or twice before I can actually hear them past all the stuffiness in my head.

I've had a cold or flu or whatever you want to call it, where I've gone through 4 boxes of Kleenex since Friday night. Jason has been simply amazing taking care of me when he happens to not be working. I've been pretty much a drugged up zombie and don't recall a lot of the weekend, except that Saturday morning he made me Cream of Wheat and hot tea before he headed off to work. And on Sunday, after having to get up and take a hot shower at 8:30am with my Shower Soother (which are fabulous by the way if you haven't tried them) just so I could breathe, I ended up falling back asleep in the guest room with kleenex shoved up my nose. Around 1:30 in the afternoon I came to and forced myself to wake up enough to spend a little time with Jason before he had to leave for work. I soon discovered that while I was asleep he had not only cleaned our bedroom and made the bed, but he had cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, washed two loads of laundry, picked up the living room which would include my PILES of kleenex sitting around the house AND, just cause he loves me THIS MUCH, he cleaned out the kitty litter and moved it back into the hall closet. (And let me tell you, for Jason to deal with kitty litter is REAL LOVE right there). He later told me that while moving her litter box, she got so upset over someone other than me handling her litterbox, that she worked herself up into such a frenzy she threw up in the hallway - and yes, he even cleaned that up too. He's been the best putting up with this sad excuse for a patient. When things get to be a little more exciting other than the sqeaking noises my ears make when I blow my nose, I'll be sure to post more.

Oh - and yes there is lots to share of my parents visit to Nashville, but unfortunately all the pictures were taken with my mom's camera and I haven't been able to get my hands on those just yet.

Stay tuned for more from the Keith household...


Katrina Hope said...

Oh, poooo baby :( Good thing Jason is taking such good care of you. And can I add--- your cat is a drama queen!

I just got all caught up on your blogging...and I was remembering how you would harrass me for how much i wrote in my blog...hmmm. Just memories, lol. I'll try to keep it more up to date, and add more pictures too.

Love you!
XO "Little One"

John n Rach said...

what a guy... what a guy.
hope you feel better soon... I empathize - my flu/cold thing went into a full blown ear infection. I've had to see a specialist and have not been able to hear out of my right ear for over a month! Let me tell you... "my guy" has been very patient... cause not being able to hear can make a person pretty grumpy! :>) I look forward to hearing about your Nashville adventures with Mom & Dad. love ya, Rach