Thursday, May 03, 2007

So much happened this last week, I don't even know where to begin. Jason and I left for CA last Thursday night and spent five fabulous days in California with his family. Unfortunately, my camera broke from the get-go, so I have absolutely no pictures to share from our trip, other than the ones I found online from the rodeo. To begin with, let me just tell you how crazy this trip started out. The number one place to see Celebrity's I've come to realize, is the airport. It seems like we always see at least one. My last trip out to Seattle, Jason and I flew back with LeeAnn Rimes and her band. The time before that when I flew back from Seattle, I flew back with Ronnie Milsap and his band. The first time I ever visited Nashville a couple years back, I saw Pam Tillis in baggage claim. You never know who you're going to run into. So anyway, Jason and I check in at the airport and head to our gate. We go to sit down and see Scott Walker standing in line at the counter. Scott is Billy Walker's grandson and therefore a distant cousin to Jason. So Jason goes up and says hi and asks where he's headed. Scott says "Clovis", Jason's like - "no way, we're going to Clovis". Scott explains he's touring with Trick Pony and they're doing a gig at the Clovis Rodeo. "No way! We're going to the Clovis Rodeo!" What a small world. As we're standing there, Jason recognizes a familiar face about to walk by and reaches his hand out to this guy to say hello. This guy, who I don't know from Adam, looks at Jason and says, "I know you". Jason explains they've met before through a friend. Then Jason goes to introduce me, "Sweetheart, I'd like you to meet Clay Walker". (see picture below) Holy Crap! It's one thing meeting a celebrity, but its a whole other thing when you don't even recognize them to begin with and get caught off guard. As soon as Jason said his name I yanked my hand out of Clay's like he had turned into a snake or something. Of course in true Kelly fashion, I turned all blotchy and got embarressed, trying to find what was left of some coolness. We said our goodbyes and he walked away. Also standing there with Scott and Trick Pony was Daryl Singleterry - though I never really found out why he was also on his way to Clovis.
After arriving into Clovis that evening, we had dinner with the family and started a puzzle (its becoming a tradition!) . On Friday, Jason spent the day with his dad out golfing, while I went shopping with Sherry & Grandma. It was such a gorgeous day too! That evening, Scott Walker came over for dinner before his show and afterwards Jason and I had planned on just dropping him off for his show at the fairgrounds, when Scott invited us to join him backstage for the concert. Wow! And talk about a good time! We met Aubrey, the new lead singer for Trick Pony and Jason got a chance to talk to Blue County, who opened the show. Turns out that Blue County had one of Jason's songs on hold for a while, which was a great conversation starter and in the end business cards were exchanged and Jason is going to meet with them again in the near future. The show was amazing and we had the best seats in the house - right up front with the security, ahead of even the crowd! At this point, you can imagine I'm kicking myself for not having any way to take pictures!!! I've included a picture each of Trick Pony and Blue County.

(Trick Pony)
(Blue County)

Saturday & Sunday was full of some hot sun and some awesome rodeo! We had fifth row seats in the center of the arena and the bulls and broncos were fiestier than ever. It was so much fun and made it well worth sitting in 98 degree heat for three hours each day. And yes, I did get a little bit of a tan!

Monday we celebrated my 29th birthday with lemon cake, a fabulous steak dinner and lots of family and friends. Even Steve O'Hara, one of Jason's friends and groomsmen was able to join us. One of the absolute highlights though, was when we dropped by my sister-in-law Kelly's 3rd grade class. The class had been studying baseball and Jason was the special guest to show off his baseball skills during PE. It was too cute. When we first walked into the classroom, all the kids immediately burst into song with Happy Birthday, and I totally teared up, it was just so sweet. Then we went up to the front of the class and the kids were able to ask Jason all kinds of questions about baseball. Then to end our visit, we went outside for PE and they alternated with him pitching & hitting. And to top it all off, they each gave me a little homemade heart that was colored with Happy Birthday written on it. I was blessed with wonderful gifts and much love from all the phonecalls from my friends and family. It was truly a wonderful birthday. Tuesday afternoon we got on a plane and made our way back to Nashville. It's good to be home and back in the swing of things.

Before I end this entry, I got a picture from my friend Genesis of our Easter brunch out together with our friends from church. We absolutely love our new friends and anytime we can, you'll find us going to the movies together, hanging out at each other's homes, shopping...whatever we can squeeze in. From left to right there's Steven, who's also the Worship Arts Director from church, me, Jason, Ben and his wife Alicia, Ashley and her husband Cody and then Steven's wife Genesis is the one taking the picture.
Have a blessed week and we'll be back soon with more from the Keith family!

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