Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hope Deferred

Yesterday was hard. I didn't sleep much the night before because I was so anxious about having to say goodbye to my youngest sister Kati. After only getting a few hours of sleep, I was overly emotional and cried off and on most of the morning every time I thought of her leaving. Jason was so sweet to bring both Kati and Rosie down to my work one final time to have coffee together, which helped ease the departure. After all of that, her flight ended up being so delayed that she would have missed her connection and ended up in Salt Lake City overnight. I told her NOT to get on the plane and ask if she can get her flights switched to today (Wednesday). They were very sweet to her and even upgraded her to first class for part of her trip and she heads out at 2pm this afternoon. When I called Kris to tell her that Kati would be here another day she said "Hope deferred makes the heart sick". I asked her what she meant and she explained "Kati is hope, her plane was deferred and it makes my heart sick" awww...
We have had a wonderful time these last five weeks and I've so enjoyed the company all those evenings when Jason is away at work. Its been so nice to carpool into work together, watch So You Think You Can Dance together, stay up late and watch movies, cook dinners...I'm so sad to let her go.
If you haven't already been to her blog, then these pictures will seem new to you. I had to steal a few that she took off my camera, since I don't have it with me right now. As she had explained, we did a lot over the weekend - the fair, the pool, Opryland Hotel and mall, Ted's Montana Grill, Loveless Cafe, Alan Jackson's mansion, saw Bourne Ultimatum... it's been crazy busy and thankfully I was able to take Monday off to make the weekend last even longer! If it hadn't been so hot lately, we would have done more outdoor things like canoeing, but its been a 100 degrees for the last few days - which is really hot!
I'm back at work now, trying to get back into the groove of things, sipping hot coffee out of my Seattle Starbucks mug, tending to my boss's whims and knowing full well that I'm going home to an empty house tonight. I'll probably end up cleaning to take my mind off things...that tends to be the Kelly way :-) But hey, there's always ....So You Think You Can, So You Think You Can, So You Think You Can...Dance, Dance Dance!

I hope both Kati & Rosie enjoyed the last few days they were with us and that we were able to give them a good idea of life in Nashville. They were so much fun to be around and are welcome back anytime. I love you both and look forward to seeing you when we come home at Thanksgiving!!

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Katrina Hope said...

OHHHH. It feels good to be home, mostly the temperature drop! I can even wear my cute new clothes here. But, I sure do miss you two!! I loved Tennessee and I will certainly be coming back as often as I can! Hopefully one day I can have a home least for the summers :), but if not, I'll just crash at your house with all my little rambunctious children. Wouldn't that be an experience! lol. Love you!