Thursday, August 23, 2007


So here is a bit of an update on where things are currently at:

My Teeth - I have a root canal this afternoon, yuk. But I keep telling myself I will feel so much better once this is over. 7 weeks of pain and 7 dentist/doctor appointments and we're finally getting somewhere. I'm nervous, but my dentist is a really nice guy which makes it a bit easier.

Jason's Music - Billy Currington came into Mortons last week for dinner with a few guys in the industry. Jason was able to wait on them. As soon as he walked up to the table, Billy asked Jason if he had "Right Where We Belong" cut yet. Jason said no, not yet. Billy said he thought it was such a great song and he hoped Jason didn't mind, but he had been talking with Craig Morgan about it the other day since Craig is cutting his new album in December. Wow. Craig has that single out right now called "Tough". Jason was pretty flattered. He thanked Billy for going to bat for him like that and Billy said that he was getting Craig a copy of Jason's song and that he really believed in his music and that when he believes in something he doesn't let it go. He really said that. Talk about a huge compliment. We knew Billy had an interest in that song for a while, but he didn't end up cutting the song himself, because in the end he decided to go with all songs he had written himself. His new album will be released on October 30th. Billy also asked Jason how the rest of his music was going and Jason filled him in on the hold with Rodney Atkins. He responded by saying telling Jason to hang in there cause it wouldn't be long. Lord, we're hoping so. That's going to be some exciting day when it finally does come along!
On a sidenote, there was a recent interview with Billy Currington by People magazine about some rumors that he was in rehab for drug abuse. It wasn't true, but in fact he actually underwent a trauma recovery program for abuse he had suffered as a child. I found the interview quite interesting as he mentions his relationship with God:

"Billy Currington discusses the child abuse he suffered from his stepfather in an issue of People magazine that arrives on newsstands on Friday (Aug. 10). He has completed a 30-day trauma recovery program and will meet with therapists who specialize in childhood trauma later this month, after he completes the recording sessions for his third album. Earlier this summer, Currington canceled all his tour dates for the remainder of the year and went on voice rest due to acute laryngitis. He told the magazine he had heard rumors that he entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, so he decided to go public with his abusive childhood to confront the rumors and help others heal from a similar situation. "People who care about me want to know the truth, so I'm telling them," he tells the magazine. "I feel like I'm being used by God now, and all I can say is, 'God, please use me,' because someone else might need to heal from this, too."

- People Magazine, August 10, 2007 issue
Family - Kati & dad are starting their trek to CA today to stay the weekend with the Keiths! Jerry Keith and dad are going to Promise Keepers together in Fresno, while Kati hangs out with Sherry. I think its awesome our dads are spending some time together getting to know each other better & experiencing God in a deeper way through the conference. I look forward to hearing how it all went. Then I believe the plan is that dad and Kati will drive back up the coast and meet mom & the girls in Oregon for a little vacation on the beach.

Friends - I'm very excited to say that my best friend Tina is coming out to see me at the end of September. A great deal with SouthWest Airlines popped up and being the spontaneous girl that she is, she bought her ticket that day!!! Jay is being amazing by staying home with the kids, so we can have a girls weekend and do fun things like get pedicures and go to the movies - yea!! There's also a chance that Jason may drive down to Florida to write with a couple of his friends that weekend. But that's not for sure yet.
Church - Jason and I were recently asked to help serve more within our home church, Harpeth Community. We had been waiting to be a part of the congregation for close to a year before diving into service, and as we come up on our one year there, we were approached by one of our dear friends Melanie McRay, who is also over the children's ministry, and asked if we would be willing to step in and teach the 3rd Graders every other month. It's not a huge commitment, but it is a start in getting involved & getting to know more people in the church. I'm looking forward to it and it should be a lot of fun.

"Nashville" Show - A new reality show will be airing on Fox called Nashville. Some of you may have been seeing the advertisements already. It follows 8 aspiring songwriters/artists who are trying to make it in the music business. One of the artists is our friend Chuck Wicks, who sings and co-wrote the song "Right Where We Belong" with Jason, and if you remember, its the song we last danced to at our wedding. In this picture, he's the guy in the all white shirt sitting on top of the car in the upper left corner. Its kinda funny that this show is supposed to show his struggle in the music business, when he already has a record deal with RCA and should be finished wrapping up his album anytime now. Dan Huff and Monty Powell produced his album, who have also worked with Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts, so it should be a good one. From what I heard, Chuck will also be presenting at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night. That should be interesting, I wonder how they'll introduce him? "You have no idea who this guy is now, but you will." ???
Other news - School is back in here in Nashville and I've been surprised to see that Davidson County, which is primarily the Nashville area, has made uniforms a requirement for ALL public schools! I didn't know they could do such a thing! I've seen plenty of uniforms in private schools, but public? Every morning I drive by three public schools and see all the elementary, junior high and high school kids in their khaki's and polos. From what I heard they switched over to uniforms because they were having so many issues with the dress code & how kids were abusing it.

Weather - It's too freakin hot here. We've had close to three weeks of close to 100 degree weather. Today is supposed to reach 104. And in the evening it only cools off to like 93! I sleep with a fan blowing directly in my face and even still wake up sweating with a sheet on top of me. It's also been so dry and we've had very little rain, which is so sad because the trees are drying out and it might make for an ugly fall :-( Fall is my favorite season and it normally gets so gorgeous here, so I'm praying for some serious storms this weekend!!

Book Review - I've been doing a lot of reading lately, and I recently finished "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" by James Patterson. It was so good! I couldn't put it down and read it in only a couple days, which is fast for me. I'm currently reading "Bidding For Love" by Katie Fford, which is a cute story and I'm very much enjoying. But what I'm most looking forward to is reading "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks which comes out September 24th - yea!!!! He is by far my all time favorite author and I can't wait for his next book!
That's about all the updates I have for now. I hope your all enjoying what's left of your summer. Can you believe, fall is just around the corner! We love you all - The Keiths!


Katrina Hope said...

Good blogg'n sister! It was great to catch up on all the different thigns going on in your life. That is SO cool what Billy Currington said to Jason- and I certainly agree that Jason's the real's only a matter of time before he STARTS getting some cuts. You are quite the talented lady yourself Kimmy- I'm looking forward to the time you can start your business! :)

Love you Kimmers!

Katrina Hope said...

time to update.... ;)

Laurie Mitchell said...

Kim, this is Laurie Mitchell. I asked Elise for your contact info. I saw a job posting that is in Brentwood and thought of you. Are you happy with your work? How far from Brentwood are you? Eric and I were newlyweds in Nashville as well...36 years ago. Let me know if you want to know more.

Kim & Jason said...

Hi Laurie!

Your so sweet, always lookin out for me :-) Congratulations on the news about Jeff & Elise - very exciting! I would totally be interested in hearing what the job may be about. I remember you telling me that you & Eric went to school out here, how crazy huh? I'd love to hear from you, email me at