Monday, November 12, 2007

Is the weekend over all ready?

So our weekend was jam packed with stuff to do. We were unpacking boxes, teaching 4th grade Sunday school, Jason worked on Saturday night, there were runs to Home Depot, grocery name it we were trying to cram it all in. However, we did make a lot of progress on the house, which was great. I could literally feel myself being able to breathe a bit easier when I could finally see the living room floor and the furniture started to fit into place. We now have our living room all set up and its so cute!!! Just seeing how everything is coming together and how great it looks is just so exciting! We're dog tired - but loving how everything is turning out.

To keep ourselves sane in the midst of the chaos, we've been entertaining ourselves in some pretty unusual ways. You try disconnecting all communication to the world for a few days and surround yourselves with cardboard and see how crazy you act! Around 2am on Saturday night after a very draining day of unpacking and a long night of Jason working, we were getting ready to head to bed, when my night-owl of a husband got an idea in his head. Let's turn Kim into a Mrs-Potato-Head and see what happens!

Thus, the following pictures that came as a result of his inspiration:

I know they're not the most flattering pictures, but come on now, its 2 in the morning! I'm sure you all can picture Jason in fits of laughter every time he put a new pair of shoes under my chin. It really started out very innocent. He was tucking me into bed to say goodnight, when he got this silly grin on his face and reached down to grab the first pair of shoes....and there it just continued till we both almost peed our pants.

The other little game we created for self-amusement was a "Where's Waldo" but with Banks. It seemed wherever we went to unpack or move something Banks had found a way there first and was able to squeeze her way into some pretty unusual places. We did not stage any of these pics, she did it all on her own.

Dining Room on top of the bookcase.

Where's Banks is this picture?

Or maybe in the bedroom in our temporary sweater shelf.

The Pantry off the kitchen.

Under the dining room table.

On the shelf of our new coffee cart.

Or maybe they won't find me if I go inside the coffee cart.

Ha! Not so fast Banks! We see you!

A cat after my own heart :-)

Is it bedtime yet? I'm in the middle waiting for you two.

Surrender with your paws up!

Finally - sleeping peacefully under the blankets of our bed with me until Jason found her.


John n Rach said...

You're quite the trio!
Fun pictures. - Rach

Anonymous said...

That's one FAT cat.. I'm sure he will be getting back into shape once those big dogs show up and chase him around a little bit, heh,
heh.. eh, Garfield? :-o