Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baby Fever~!

No, not me!

Quite a few of my friends have recently gotten the baby fever and have been producing some adorable kids!

I had to highlight a few pics of these babies, cause they're just too good not to share!
Karlee Blake with her two daughters Jordyn on the left and Zyan on the right!

Zyan Lily Blake: Born at 9 pounds 10 oz on June 30, 2008

Here's my dear friend Katie Hallstrom with their little one Rocco.

Rocco Hallstrom: Born at 7 pounds 3 oz. on July 3, 2008

And of course a huge blessing from God, the Bradford boys born to Jorian and Morgan Bradford. They were born so little but are such little fighters and are now home with their parents getting bigger every day!

Tristan Barrett & Jameson Cole Bradford: Born at 1 pound 9 oz and 1 pound 15 oz on March 27, 2008

And how can you resist the cheeks on Alissa Grace born to her parents Traci & Steff Pohle?

Alissa Grace Pohle: Born at 7 pounds, 7 oz on October 13, 2007

And of course we have irresistible Aiyers born to Aaron and Heidi Powell.

Aiyers Gideon Powell: Born at 7 pounds 13 oz on February 21, 2008

Oh and one more quick pic, here's the little cutie Ada Victoria and her mom Vanessa Curtis.

Ada Victoria Curtis: Born at 8 pounds 3 oz on April 18, 2008.

There are more babies being born all the time and more on the way, but like I said, I'm only highlighting a few!!! I love and miss you all and can't wait to kiss and squeeze all these munchkins hopefully someday soon!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out! - rocco
we got your card, thank you for thinking of us! - tom & kate