Monday, August 25, 2008

A Great & Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was a rare opportunity where Jason had both days off from work. And because of that, if felt like it stretched on more than a typical weekend, which was awesome.

Saturday morning Jason got up early to head to his championship baseball game out in Franklin. They lost 0-3 and Jason had to step in as catcher from his usual position as shortstop. I would have gone to his game, but at noon I needed to be sure I was at our church for their Grand Opening community event. OF COURSE, even though I brought my camera, I didn't take any pictures, so I lovingly borrowed these from our friend Melanie :-)

This is Melanie Carter, she also is one of the high school youth leaders and attends our small group.

Our head pastor Bobby Harrington, is the man in the bright pink shirt. He had just cut the ribbon for the new building.

Jason and I had both decided to just meet at the church since we had separate shifts volunteering the event - I was to be working the popcorn stand and I had signed Jason up in the dunk tank...ha ha! But unfortunately the dunk tank had plenty of volunteers, so he never actually got wet.
This is JP Robinson, the youth pastor who works with Melanie Carter. You can see he's getting his fair share of dunking!

Advertisements and signs had been posted all around the community weeks in advance, because this was more as an outreach to the community rather than just for Harpeth Community Church itself. 200 church members volunteered and they counted another 2500 guests and visitors participating in the event!!
Even the veggie tale stars made a cameo appearance for the kids!

There were lots of blow up toys, grilled food, free popcorn and snow cones, carnival games, face painting, train rides for the kids and live music. It was really fun and the weather wasn't too hot, so it made for a great time!

Bouncy blow up toys!

Free Snow Cones!

Carnival games - this is the ring toss!

Face Painting!

Here's Melanie Sutton on the kids train ride. She's also the Children's Ministry Director and attends our small group with her husband Ryan.

After the church event we headed home to change and relax a bit before grabbing our books and heading down to our favorite coffee shop Ugly Mugs. When we got home we topped the evening off with cuddling up on the couch and watching Mad About You episodes we rented off Netflix.

Sunday we were up and off again heading out to church and afterwards having lunch at Raffertys (two weeks in a row - yeah me!). Then when we got back home, we watched the Little League World Series (well he did while I cleaned the house and read), finished off the Mad About You dvd and enjoyed a nice long walk through the Shelby Bottoms Park a couple miles from our house.

It was an ideal weekend and I'm glad it lasted so long!!

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Rachel Sarah said...

Yah for you! Sounds like a great weekend. We visited my parents on Sunday, and joined Dad who was also watching the little league world series. Then we viewed my brother's new fixer-upper house that is RIGHT BEHIND my parents house! They share the same driveway! He has a lot of work to do but it is so awesome to have him so close. Now, John & I are believing the Lord for a house in that area.