Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Holidays Are Among Us!

I can't believe how fast the days are flying by! Thanksgiving is exactly two weeks away and Christmas is only 6 weeks away. Thankfully half of my Christmas shopping is done and I have a pretty good idea what I have left to buy. The closer it gets to Christmas the more I typically stress out about shopping, so this has been great getting it done way early. OH and did I mention that I keep a list going for Christmas gifts ALL YEAR LONG. Yea, I know pathetic.

Anyway, my list making is in full swing with having to plan for the upcoming Thanksgiving Small Group Dinner we're hosting at our house for 14 PEOPLE next Tuesday!! I have no idea how this is going to work, but somehow we'll make everyone fit. We're going all out with turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole - once our friend Chad offered to make the turkey everyone else was yelling out their favorite holiday dishes to bring. And of course I'm making our molasses cookies with pumpkin fluff - yummy!! Then we're going to close the evening taking communion together, it's going to be awesome. But there's just so much to do!!!

- Clean the house!
- Buy nice decorative fall paper plates & napkins!
- Get the decorations down from the attic & decorate the house!
- Baking!
- Figure out how to magically lengthen the dining room table for 14 people!
... I'm sure I'll think of more.

I love entertaining, its so much fun and I'm going to do my best to keep the camera out and within reach.

Then the actual day of Thanksgiving our friends Matt & Amy have invited us to join their family for the day. I'm excited and relieved to not have to do the whole Thanksgiving meal again, its just too much work for 2 people anyway.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Jason and I will be heading up to Smyrna to pick out our Noble Fir Christmas tree, which I'm super excited about. We keep trying to get our friends to join us and buy a real tree, but out here everyone usually does FAKE trees!!! WHY!!??? Seriously, you might be cleaning up pine needles for the rest of the year, but smelling Christmas Tree in your home is so worth it and the best thing ever!

Let the list making commence!


Loree and Roy said...

Hey There! THanks for stopping by. You are way too organized! A list all year??? what the heck!?! =)

Yes, my ma is getting married. It was JUST planned like 2 weeks ago. So all very new and very rushed since it is next weekend!!! holy #$&@! So you sound just as busy as me! =)I am trying to plan her bach/shower and then I am doing her flowers and helping Tina with photos. THEN I have to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner at our place....with a sleep over and then shopping and breakfast the next morning....hhhhhh. I feel ya! =) Well, I do hope you have a great thanksgiving party! that sounds so fun!! You are so cute and I so wish that I could come over for dinner too.... =( some day!! I love you so much and miss you terribly. Do you know how many fun we'd have crafting and baking together??? Ok, I'll stop! =)
Oh and, I am using a Nikon D80.
Tell Jason HI for me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You could always get candles that smell like a pine tree. Hey! I miss you, I am sorry I have been such a bad friend. I am winding up my last three weeks of school, then ben and I are off on a cruise. When we get back...lets catch up! I miss you again!
Love and a hug!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is exciting! I've always wanted to host a Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm sure I would be stressed out to the max the day of. Maybe you could add a card table at each end of your own table, and cover the whole thing with a long table cloth (or two). But I guess if your table is currently oval or circular, this would fail miserably.

Good luck!

Rachel Sarah said...

I'll bet you are a FANTASTIC hostess... look forward to hearing how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are Martha Stuart. I am amazed. I don't even think I can do any one of those things. all that my lists are composed of is homework assignments and if I am lucky maybe laundry. I admire you.

Katrina Hope said...

Why are you buying a tree, when you wont even be there for Christmas? :/ Just a the pine scented candles like Jess said, and stick some branches in a bucket and string lights on them :)

Love you, mean it.
"Little One"

Kim said...

I'm sorry but what's Christmas without a tree??!!! No way. 28 days with the tree and 8 days without the tree while we're in CA. Obviously the days with it outweigh the days without it. Must. Have. Tree.

Anonymous said...

Now girls. Stop Fighting. You're both pretty. And so are trees.

Loree and Roy said...

Hey! So how did your dinner go? I am sure it was a great success!! love you!

Katrina Hope said...

I started christmas shopping last night ;) It was so fun, I had a couple hours after school before I had to be back in Kirkland, so I drove in to school (as oposed to taking the bus)...hey, I should be blogging this....short version: I bought you a gift! :)

Katrina Hope said...

AND, I want to see pics from your dinner... :)