Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, to say I've been overwhelmed is pretty much an understatement. There has been so much to do and still more to prepare for as we get ready to head to CA next week and I'm usually so wiped at the end of the work day that I have ZERO motivation to get off the couch and work on my to-do list.

But last night as I was lounging on the couch relaxing and chatting with a friend of ours, I see that Jason is calling me from work. I answer the phone and he asks me if I recognize the strange new gift that showed up under the Christmas tree?? What Gift? OH! That gift! Huh, that's strange. So I look more closely and am quite excited to see that its addressed to "My Babydoll". Yea, that would be me!! Then after a few more minutes, something starts to seem a bit familiar. Wait a second. That gift is wrapped in a very familiar shape. So I ask him, "Honey, that isn't the box of wall shelves we bought for the guest bathroom is it?" Jason responds, "huh, what? I gotta go." ......"Honey? Did you or did you not wrap up the wall shelves we've had for over a year and put it under the tree?" Then he responds again, "Baby, I gotta go - can't talk right now!"

Hmmm.....Then I remember a conversation we had a couple days ago where he said that he felt bad because there were more gifts under the tree for him than he got for me. Well I don't care about that, I like giving him gifts. I'm not keeping score. So here's my thinking, I'm a bit suspicious that my loving husband is pulling a "Tom Kelly" move and beginning to wrap up items from around the house to give to me. If that's the case, he's in some serious trouble folks.

Pray for him people, this could get ugly ;-)

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Rachel Sarah said...

that's so funny!