Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Brrr....well that warm weather was definitely short-lived! I'm still trying to thaw my toes from walking into work at a measly 10 degrees!!! Good Lord, what's up with this weather!?!

Tomorrow Jason and I head off to California to spend the holidays with Jason's family. I'm so excited for the break from work and enjoy some total relaxation. To be able to sleep in every morning with my man is a little piece of heaven :-) AND this also means, that for our house - CHRISTMAS COMES TODAY!!!!!!

Jason woke up to me this morning bouncing up and down on the bed - "IT'S CHRISTMAS! IT'S CHRISTMAS!". To which he responded, "How old are you?" BAH-HUMBUG! "I'm 30 and I want to open presents!!!!!" But I have to wait till after he gets home from work tonight before the festivities can begin. I'm pumped.

Ok and speaking of Christmas. SO yesterday Jason and I were teaching our little 3rd & 4th graders at Sunday School and I asked the class whether they had finished their Christmas shopping yet. And one little girls asks me how many gifts are under our tree? Then our class helper, who happens to be one of the dad's of a boy in our class pipes up and says, "Well Santa hasn't brought our gifts yet". I'm sorry WHAT? Excuse me, but isn't 3rd & 4th graders a bit old to still believe in Santa!!?? Dude, do you want your son to be ridiculed at school for still believing in Santa at that age? At this age, most kids are past the point of just receiving gifts and are learning what it means to GIVE and save their allowance to buy gifts for others. As they say in the south, I wanted to have a little 'Come To Jesus' with that father right then and there.

Well what do you guys think? I know when I was little I got gifts from Santa, but I was probably 5 or 6 when I was past that make-believe stage. So what do you think is an appropriate age for kids to learn the truth?


Holli said...

Cute post!! I think I was 8 when I found out Santa Claus wasn't real, so 3rd grade?? :) Most of my friends with kids have told their children or their kids found out right around the 8-10 age. so that seems normal to me. have fun in California!! I wish I was going home to Cali this year for Christmas.........sounds nice right now as I sit in 16 degree weather in Ohio. LOL

Tina said...

So Jesh and Jaida totally believe in Santa. 3rd and 2nd grade respectfully. What we say in our house is "Stop beleivin, stop receivin!" So when other kids say Santa isn't real, they respond with "That's cause you don't believe" And most kids honestly buy that response. We always have gifts from us to each other and one special one from Santa that doesn't come out till after they are in bed Christmas Eve. And of course the stocking is always from Santa. We even wrap the gifts differently. Who says you can't be a kid forever! Not in our house ;-)

Anonymous said...

I tried to call! Merry Christmas!

Love Jess

brandon said...

Ah let them believe. I mean... Kate and I fought with the should we, shouldn't we... My parents chided us forever to let them believe in Santa. I mean the Church Lady (SNL) was right that you mix letters around and it spells Satan... but a kids sense of wonder is hard to build. We built off its Jesus birth we celebrate... then let think about Santa what they want. We focus on Jesus... and let rest be what it is.

Jay & Tina said...

Oh Brandon... We do believe in Satan, he lives in Kirkland, WA. Hee hee! ;-) that was a joke people so don't get your panties in a bunch. We also have another tradition to even things out. We bake a cake on Christmas Eve and blow out the candles and sing happy birthday to Jesus and we read the Christmas story in Luke and put the little nativity people in there place. It's fun and interactive. We actually got the cake idea from Rick Warren. I am not a super fan of his but I thought this was a great idea. Besides everybody else gets a cake for their birthdays. Why not Jesus? Love you Kim and Jason, and we miss you Brandon and Kate... Merry Christmas everyone! Love you all.

Jay & Tina

Camille said...

I'm telling them it's a hoax from the very start. I've been Santa's little helper too many years to want my kids to buy into any of it. I'm sick of Christmas altogether. Have a fun trip!