Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grow faster! No wait, slow down!

Alright, so once upon a time (4 months ago), Jason and I became parents to a little black lab we named Seven and his bigger brother, a yellow lab we named Jeep. And they came to us as furry, tiny bundles of love weighing only 9 and 11 pounds. I mean look at them! They were so small that their first set of collars were too big and we had to fasten them around their bellies!
And now, they're huge. You know how everyone says babies grow so fast? Try having a Labrador puppy. You don't get 12 months of chubby little cuteness to squish - oh no, try like 3 weeks or a month! This is Jeep now at 4 months of age and weighing in at 30 pounds. He might actually be even more than that. He's gigantic and he's got a heck of a lot of growing left to do. I can barely lift him now.We love to snuggle them late at night on the living room floor on pillows and blankets, since they're not allowed in our bedroom - I know, we're such awful parents. But seriously, there's barely enough room for Jason, myself and Banks in the bed as it is. Speaking of Banks, the poor girl is not getting nearly the attention she used to get. She tries hard to be around them but in the end growls, hisses and scratches out at them. We're hoping as they get older and more mellow, she'll be more brave. To make up for the lack of attention, she's now taken a liking to curling up under the blankets next to me under my left arm when I sleep. I think its adorable and am glad she's becoming a snuggler. The pups go down for 2 naps a day, one at 10:30 and then another around 2:00 or 3:00. They play hard and they sleep hard. This picture of them on the porch is right before their next nap.
You can always tell how tired Jeep is by how red his eyes get.
They're really adorable when they team up and carry a big stick together around the yard.

Aw, my boys I love them so much. They drive me crazy sometimes and house training at times has been a bear so I wish they would grow faster so they have a bit better control. But then other times I want them to slow down from growing, so I can enjoy their puppiness. I can't imagine how much bigger they'll be in another month or two!


Brandie said...

Absolutely adorable pictures!! They do grow too fast and it is amazing how big they get. Both of my 'puppies' are 100 lbs each, and somedays I can't believe it. And they drive me mad somedays - but couldn't imagine my life without them!

You're not bad parents for not letting them sleep in the bedroom ;) We don't let our dogs in the bed because there's just not enough room! My cat gets to cuddle in the middle and he loves it.

Holli said...

Oh my gosh they got big quick!! How cute :)

Chloe said...

I love lab dogs!! I think they are so cute!!

Kate said...

They are so stinkin' adorable! They are getting big so quickly. I love the pictures you're taking of them. My favorite is of the two of them carrying the stick. So cute!!!