Monday, May 11, 2009

Paint & Feathers

As the heat turns up here in the South, the weirdness of my dreams increases. This weekend I dreamt that I was in a play, a play I didn't know I was in. And the night of the performance, I was freaking out because I had never seen the script and the show had already begun! The next thing I know, people backstage are grabbing me and shoving me in a massive white suit with huge go-go white boots and a headpiece. They take me into the basement and start spray painting me bright yellow and rolling me in feathers. My roll apparently in this play is to dress as Big Bird from Sesame Street and perform some interpretive dance.

What the?

Yeah, thankfully Jason woke me up out of that one, cause believe it or not, I was completely stressed out about my role. I did not watch sesame street, see feathers or wear yellow the day before.
Please, explain this to me.

Yup, big bird.


Brandie said...

LOL! We dream the weirdest things. I have that problem sometime and the stuff makes no sense whatsoever. But Big Bird? That's pretty funny ;)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I don't know what got you to dream that but it just made my day. : )

brando said...

Was Snuffleupagus there?

Katrina Hope said...

I think the dream fairies got you and I confused... because I would have LOVED that dream. I would have partied it up with Cookie Monster and the Count. :)

That is AMAZING! lol.

Anonymous said...

But she didn't know her lines!!! Kati. lol.