Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Only Momma Can Wake Seven From His Slumber!

Last night Jason and I were laughing about how soundly our dogs sleep. That is unless they hear a certain trigger - like a noise outside, a faraway dog barking or the name of our cat, Banks.

It's pretty hilarious actually and if you didn't know there were dogs in the house and you heard snoring, you would think it was an old man (not pointing any fingers here).

As we're saying goodnight (yes to the dogs, get over it already), Jason is snuggled up next to Seven and saying his name to try and get a response out of him - and yet nothing. Not a flinch, eye flicker or grunt. We thought it was hilarious and decided to make a small movie out of it and it turned out pretty funny.


Katrina Hope said...

that was pretty funny... especially that Banks is standing RIGHT inside the line the boys aren't allowed to cross... watching. lol. Oh those little terds.

Anonymous said...

OK.. That WAS pretty funny :-)