Friday, December 11, 2009

Truflle Balls

Last night was our book club's Christmas Party and we were asked to bring a yummy dessert. I know it comes as no to surprise to many of you that I sat there and mulled and stressed over this decision for a few days. I absolutely love to bake and the look on people's faces when they eat one of my treats makes me so happy.

Finally a friend at work suggested I try to make these Oreo truffle balls that she had at a party the night before. So I looked up the recipe and with a few modifications of my own, made what is some seriously heavenly pieces of goodness.

They also present beautifully at a party and are easy as pie to make! I made two different kinds - the milk chocolate ones have a peanut butter/Butterfinger filling and the white chocolate ones have a mint Oreo filling with some flaked coconut on top.

Rach - this recipe is for you darling!

Milk Chocolate/Peanut Butter Truffle Balls

Ingredients: 1 pkg. Nutter Butter cookies; 2 boxes Butterfinger Minis; 1 pkg. Cream Cheese, softened; 1 pkg Milk or Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips.

Directions: In food processor, grind up a entire package of Nutter Butter cookies until powder-like consistency and pour into a bowl. Then grind up two packages of bite-sized Butterfinger bars (found in the candy aisle), also until a powder-like consistency. Add one whole package of cream cheese into the food processor and process with the Butterfinger until smooth. Remove that mixture from the food processor and add to the bowl with the Nutter Butter powder. With wooden spoon, blend well until fully incorporated. Using a tablespoon or melonballer, spoon onto a cookie sheet covered in wax paper or parchment paper then roll into balls. Chill in refrigerator for 1 1/2 hours. Once chilled, melt entire bag of chocolate in either the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds until smooth or using a double broiler. Roll the balls into the chocolate on a spoon and place onto wax paper. Place back in the fridge to set and chill. Serve at room temperature.

White Chocolate Mint Oreo Truffle Balls

Ingredients: 1 pkg. Mint Oreos; 1 pkg. Cream Cheese, softened; 1 pkg. White Chocolate Chips; Shredded Coconut.

Directions: Same as cookies above, just swapping out the Nutter Butters for the Oreos. Also I found it easier to pour the melted white chocolate on the Oreo balls, since the rolling them in the chocolate left Oreo residue in the chocolate. Then sprinkle a tad of coconut while the chocolate is still soft & refrigerate to set.

Best served at room temperature! Enjoy!


Katrina Hope said...

Sweet! I'm going to make these next week for Bible study!! :) I've been regularly out-baked there. lol.

PS, see you in a few days!! :)

Anonymous said...

... and what will you be baking for us when you are here next week?
Huh? Can't wait! Luv ya... Dad

ReSoNate said...

Oy! All my pestering has paid off! and I even got an honorary mention. :)

Mmmmm - I've made peanut butter balls but these are a step up! Thanks for sharing.