Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Women of Faith

Last Friday I turned 32 years old - and like many women I reflected on my life and where I'm at and the milestones I have and have not accomplished thus far. It's easy for me to get discouraged and down over the things I have yet to overcome or attain to in my own life. It's easy for me to get frustrated.

But then I think of these women. Women of faith. Heroes to many.

Women like Karen King - an amazing woman and mother who for many years was a large part of my life and to whom I affectionately call Mama King. I grew up with her kids and our families have always been close. Four years ago this month Karen was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Every day she enters the boxing ring of cancer & rings the bell enduring weeks and weeks of chemotherapy and treatments. Her faith, strength and joy blows me entirely away. She's a hero to her own family, to others and to me.

Women like Stephanie Neilsen, who back in 2008 survived a plane crash with her husband and has been on a long journey of recovery, but who's gentle and strong spirit encourages me and inspires so many.

I often think of these modern day women of faith, heros to many and in light of their situations and trials they continually choose joy & demonstrate love, trust in the Father and yet also take on their individual battles with grace and beauty.

They inspire me, I hope they've inspired you too.


Tina said...

so... I saw Stephanie on Oprah. AMAZING woman!

It reminds me that how I look on the outside isn't what really matters. I see her and it inspires me but makes me grieve a little cause I feel like I lack in so many ways. We all feel like that! Even those who won't admit it cause their pride is bigger than they are.

Love you and thanks for the reminder of what matters and counts in life... and that isn't your house, bank accounts, achievements, number of kids you can produce ;), business' that are successful, car you drive, what other's think of you & the list could go on for days.

Courtney said...

I agree with Tina I think sometimes we get our check lists out and try to measure our success by what we have and haven't done. I know I'm guilty of it.

I'm around Karen a lot and every time I am by her side God reminds me what's really important in life. She is an amazing women and I know she misses you dearly.

Happy Belated 32nd Birthday Day.