Monday, July 26, 2010

Cicada Snack

The other night as we were letting the dogs in the house, a cicada fell onto the porch from a nearby tree. And without any hesitation, Jeep scooped this big nasty bug up into his mouth and casually walked into the living room and laid down. He had no intention of eating it, he just wanted to sit there holding it in his mouth with the vibrations of this insect on his tongue.

It was seriously disgusting and I thought at any moment he would release this winged beast into my house, but no - he just held it in his mouth for several minutes while it buzzed away quite LOUDLY. Jason and I were ROLLING on the floor laughing as Jeep looked at us like, "What? It ain't no thang." Seven was sitting right next to Jeep with bated breath waiting for Jeep to release his prisoner and give him a turn. After a few minutes, he did release this little sicknast critter & Seven held it with his paw briefly before scooping it up into his own mouth to also hold it while it buzzed away.

Finally, after Jason caught his breath from laughing so hard, he started telling Seven, "Eat it Seven! Eat it!" To which, Seven obediently started chomping away like he was chewing on a walnut. I almost gagged.

I couldn't find a video on youtube where another dog would actually hold a cicada in his mouth without immediately eating it, but I did find one where you can hear how loud the buzzing is when its being squeezed. Cicadas are no joke the size of a cockroach, but with wings. I freakin hate these things and they are everywhere in the trees here in the South. Yuck!

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Anonymous said...

THAT is hilarious !! I can see you now laughing, and at the same time watching if that thing were to come out of his mouth and start buzzing around the room.. Life must be a blast with Jason and them doggies.. By the way, I saw Mr. Smooth in his 5 minutes of FAME
..... Love ya's Dad K