Thursday, July 29, 2010

Round The World in 365 Days

A year ago, Jason and I said goodbye to some dear friends of ours who did what only few people get the opportunity to do, by following their dreams and taking an entire year to travel the world. I know, you're drooling aren't you? Matt & Amy Walter packed up their backpacks, a laptop and a camera and off they went on the adventure of a lifetime. This last year took them to Africa, Thailand, India, Laos, Cambodia, Israel, New Zealand, Ireland, Egypt and Vietnam (just to name a few). From staying in tiny hostels, to huts on the beach and even a brief stay in a Thailand hospital when Amy came down with Dengue Fever.

They are an amazing couple, with a huge heart for others to serve, so even while they were gone they planned some missions work along the way. Matt has an insane gift in photography and took some pictures that are beyond breathtaking. I hope at some point he turns his photos into a coffee-table book, because I definitely think people would love them! Shoot, I'd buy some of his photos just to frame in my house!

Here's just a sample of some of the pics from their year! (copyright of Matt Walter of course!)
Hong Kong
To see LOTS more photos and read up on Matt & Amy's adventures, visit their blog RTW 365!


Holli said...

Wow!!! I love these... how lucky are they?! :)

Katrina Hope said...

you KNOW I just drooled on my laptop. :-0