Wednesday, August 04, 2010

5 Years

In August of 2005 I headed out to Nashville, TN with my sister Kati to see Jason for a week. I had a hunch something might happen that week, since Jason and I had been talking about him moving out to Seattle once we were engaged. I just didn't know exactly when and where he might propose.
Earlier in the week before my sister Kati had left town, we got some great pictures of the two of us out at Steeplechase, dancing outside the Grand Ole Opry, smooching outside The Loveless Cafe and snuggling over the Harpeth River. I'm SO glad we got these taken because it is a week that I will cherish forever.
5 years ago today (has it already been 5 years?!!), Jason asked me to marry him on top of the Shelby Street Bridgein downtown Nashville over the Cumberland River after a romantic dinner at Mortons Steakhouse. He proposed with his grandmother's wedding ring and the evening was perfect in every way. Wellll....except for maybe the horrible putrid smell that we had to avoid by crossing over the bridge the first time and then coming back when it had passed :-) Now we get a good laugh of how I made him cross over to the other side of the bridge just when he was about to propose because I was about to gag from the stench! But we got some great pictures out of that little diversion and this one of Jason with the flowers, is really one of my favorites!

I love you baby! And I am beyond blessed to be married to the hardest working man I've ever known. You continue to sacrifice and work unbelievably hard to make our dreams come true and I love you for the husband you've been to me. Thank you for 5 wonderful years since asking me to be yours :-) You will always be my dreaming buddy, best friend and love of my life.


Anonymous said...

I'm so blessed as a father to see my little girl loved so dearly by her husband. It so touches my heart to see how much the two of you are still so much in love. We miss you two. Congratulations !!!
Love you :-O

Holli said...

How cute!! I love your proposal story.... :)

Connie said...

How cute! My husband proposed in August too (: I love this!

Kristin Kelly said...

I LOVE that you two found each other. I LOVE that I have the best brother-in-law ever! And I LOVE every one of those pictures