Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jason turns 40!

This cute little nugget just happened to turn 40 a couple weeks back!

And because he was born in 1971, I felt it only appropriate to throw my main squeeze a surprise 1970's birthday party!

It all started with an elaborate plan and some very awesome friends ;-) Saturday morning of March 12th, I left Jason a note that I would be heading out to get him breakfast in bed and snuck out of the house to pick up Tina & Jay from the airport.

You couldn't ask for two more selfless & amazing friends than Tina & Jay. They flew all the night before and got in around 9am. We snuck into the house where I was confident to find a snoozing husband and Jay, pretending to be me, climbed into bed with an unsuspecting Jason to give him his coffee & muffin.

It all went down like this - Surprise Part 1:

Then Jay & Jason spent the day on the golf course, while Tina & I did a little shopping for Surprise Part 2 wherein we had a dinner party planned at Jason's favorite restaurant Park Cafe. Seriously, every little detail went off without a hitch! Check out our stylin' & groovy friends!

All the ladies...

We laughed till our sides hurt...

And how could we pass up a photo montage?!

Matt & Amy Walter

Jason with Julie & Tabby

Jenni & Heath Adams

Chad & Tabby Coombs

Jay & Tina Frees

And us.

And it wouldn't have been a REAL birthday without a little candle & big ol' round of Happy Birthday sung by all :-)

For party favors, the table was decorated with mixed tapes of 1970 classic hits and homemade salted caramels for everyone.

Surprise Part 3 - a getaway for 3 days to Chattanooga, TN with Tina & Jay and rooms booked on The Delta Queen Riverboat!

We stayed up till the wee hours of the morning playing Skipbo and eating more junkfood than your average teenager.

We toured the city and had some serious BBQ at Sticky Fingers - yummy!

And to top the weekend off, we took a little detour through Cleveland, TN to pick up the newest member of the Frees family, Miss Ruby Mae. Here is she checking out the same rest step we first brought our own boys too when we picked them up!

It was an awesome 4 days spent with the best of friends and making the best of memories together.

You only turn 40 once, better make it count ;-)


Kristin Kelly said...

Oh wow. You did a great job on all three parts, especially Part 2! I can't believe what good sports all your friends were. So sadi I couldn't be there. I missed out.

Katrina Hope said...

wow!! That is all I can say! So glad you had such an amazing time-- you are an incredible wife, and he's quite the man worth celebrating!!

Holli said...

That is AWESOME!!! What a great birthday!!!