Thursday, March 31, 2011

Library Smitten!

I have to blog about this before my sister gets the chance to! See, I typically find something pretty cool online and then she steals my thunder by immediately blogging the heck out of it ;-)

Haa haa, love you Katydid!

I came across the website Beautiful Libraries and I have been drooling ever since! My dream is to one day have a gorgeous library of my own with overstuffed chairs, couches, a fireplace and expansive windows - maybe even 2 story!

Here are some drool-worthy pics from some gorgeous home libraries featured:
Love, love, love!!!! At the rate I'm collecting books, I'll need a bigger house in order to keep them for sure!


Juju at Tales of said...

Whoa. I LOVE the second one.

Kristin Kelly said...

I think all three of us want libraries. Krista and I used to joke that as long as we had walls of books, we didn't really care about furniture. Haha. I liked the last two. A bit more pracitcal I think. : )