Friday, July 22, 2011

holy crap

Has it really been three months?


Not sure what to say really.

The hubbs & I are in a strange place in our lives.  We've had a lot going on professionally and personally.  So contrary to the lucky-go-happy bloggers out there who have nothing better to do than post their daily outfits or talk about what they're feeding their kids - I've stayed away from the blogosphere for a while cause a whole lot of perkiness wouldn't have been what you see here.

But today's ok.  Today is Friday, which means I have 2 days off from work.  And this week I found out that I will soon be relieved from my 4th attorney which will relieve a TON of stress in my life.  HOPEFULLY they will make good on their promise.

And its a beautiful day.  AND I had some labwork a couple days ago and I had a great appointment, I didn't even come close this time to passing out.  It felt amazing to feel strong. 

SO tonight...I'm planing to put on some soft music and bake a vegetarian lasagna for the hubbs when he gets home from working outside for 13 hours in 95 degree heat.

There has to be more people...I'm ready for a change.


Holli said...

I hope everything is ok with you two..... I'll send good thoughts your way.... :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap, Guys,.. Kim blogged! ;-P
Yes, it has been three months. Even Krissy-poo writes more often than you Praying for you and the "hubbs".. Miss you much;-(

The Stockwells said...

Hope you are doing better :) Life fun! Its a journey and not always fun but worth the bad times to get to the good times :) Haha!

Kristin Kelly said...

Good things are coming Sissy. I know it. I sure hope they take that extra attorney away! Love you.