Thursday, February 09, 2012

Etsy Dreaming

I've been mulling over Etsy ideas for the last several days and trying to come up with some small goals in order to open my own Esty shop by Christmas.  Ideally I would like to have about 15 products ready to sell in early November, some holiday themed & some not.  I've been doing the "office thang" now for 13 years and I'm getting weary of it.  I recently found out that I almost obtained yet another attorney to work for and I'm afraid that it won't be long before that actually happens and completely burns me out entirely.  I had 4 attorneys last Spring and I thought I was going to die from heart failure. I was so stressed out and having nightmares from all the additional work.  I'm now back down to 3 attorneys and love that I can accomplish what I need to get done every single day without leaving an evergrowing pile on my desk.  I like to excel in what I do and in my opinion, getting spread too thin is being set up for failure.

So back to Etsy.

My sister sent me this dishtowel from Anthropologie (I think), and I KNOW I could easily create something like this. 

The trick for me is to not copyright someone else's creation.  Ugh.  I lack so much in the creativity department, and I'm not an artist.  So I get stumped on where to go from there. 

Here's a few more cute little embroidered dishtowels from Anthropologie:

I have a few little projects I've already started that I think will be cute, its just being disciplined to make the time and actually work on them. AND these dishtowels are only $24 at Anthropologie which is a pretty good deal considering the amount of time it would take to hand-embroider these.  Good lord.  Where do I start?!

Do you Etsy?

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