Monday, February 13, 2012

News and Reviews

A couple quick updates!

Jason and I were given a beautiful bookcase from my in-laws for Christmas and just recently put it in our bedroom! I've featured pictures on my book blog of it.

Also - I've just finished reading Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd, which I was graciously given a copy to review! See my review here!

And finally - I'm super pumped to be spending an entire day with my man to celebrate our first actual Valentine's Day together!!  That's right - I'm taking the day off to celebrate!!  Since we've met, Jason has had to work at Morton's every year for Valentine's Day - it's mandatory of all employees.  And since I work days and he would work nights, we rarely saw each other more than maybe a coffee break or a quick lunch downtown.  But since he quit last March, this will be our first VDay together and I've got all kinds of things in mind for us to do! Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter ;-)

No but seriously, I'm thinking of breakfast in bed,

an afternoon trip to the theater to see The Vow

and Jason's special heart-shaped french toast for dinner. 

Restaurants are typically over-crowded on VDay, so I would much prefer a lovely afternoon out with maybe a scoop of Jenni's ice cream

and then home for a cozy evening with soft music and candlelight.
I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's with the ones you hold dear!

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Kristin Kelly said...

Ooh-la-la! That sounds like a fabulous day! I am so glad you guys FINALLY get to spend Valentine's Day together!