Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Banks And Her Lovin!

So there's this thing that Banks does that I'm always telling my friend Angela about, where after Jason takes his evening shower Banks will come running and rub her entire body all over the back of his head.  It's as though she's getting her own bath from the moisture left on his hair.  That and the fact that we use a mint shampoo and I think it kinda turns her on, like a sort of catnip!  haa!! 

The other night Jason got through with his shower and we were both reading our study books, when she came up behind him and started doing her thing.  I grabbed my phone and was able to catch her in the act so I could show Angela exactly what I had been talking about.

Now for your viewing pleasure:

Disclosure: Jason isn't a "cat person", but he tolerates Banks.  Whatever. He loves her :-)

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