Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Shopping & Girl Time

This last weekend, I was surprised with a visit from a couple of the girls who used to live in our neighborhood.  Jonique (on the right) has recently moved with her mom, baby sister and stepdad to the projects across town so every once in a while she comes by to visit her grandparents who still live near us.  Dominique (on the left) and her brothers were also visiting their grandma since their mom had to work Saturday.  So since it was raining and both the girls were just hanging out at our house, I offered to take the girls for a little shopping at Opry Mills Mall.  We had an absolute blast walking around, shopping and munching on cinnamon nuggets from Auntie Anne's.

Could these girls be any cuter? 
They picked out some fun things to buy and I got some great ideas for their upcoming birthdays ;-)
They were so polite and very appreciative, which makes hanging out with them that much more enjoyable! We had fun and will defintely have to go again sometime!

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