Friday, January 04, 2013

Time for Some Goals!

So I've refrained from goal-making the last few years for fear of failing at them.  This year, I say phooey!  I'm a goal setter and list maker and I just need to embrace my type-A quirkiness and get on with it!

Here we go.

1. Read 30 books.  (Last year I read 16 - which I consider pretty pathetic.  In 2008 I read 38 books, so I know I'm capable of it!).

2. Rejoin the Daring Bakers and get back to doing what I love! BAKING~!  That means one baking creation a month!  Stay tuned, I will blog my adventures with the challenges!

3. Cook more!  I get in ruts and become completely uninspired when it comes to making dinner and I have several cookbooks that I need to crack open.  I'm going to aim to cook at least 2 new meals a week from cookbooks I already own.

4. Less TV - this one has already been put into practice the last month or so because Jason and I have put into effect a "no-tv" rule on weekdays.  It's been forcing me to read more and focus on other things (like the hotness that is my man - INCLUDING getting to bed earlier).  And that is a lovely thing.

5. Finish A Quilt - I started making a quilt with my MIL a while ago and need to finish it this year!!

6. Finish Kai's Birth Announcement - I am almost finished with Julie's embroidered baby announcement gift and I need to get on it and finish it before his 1st birthday!  Yeah that's a bit embarrassing to admit.

7. Create 5 handcrafted pieces for an Etsy shop.  I've been putting that off for-ev-er.

8. Lose 20 pounds!!

9. Start walking Jeep in the mornings before work (once the weather is no longer in the 20's and it's not pitch black outside ;-) )  I don't want to officially call this an "exercise goal" because I just might break into hives.

10. Make Christmas Stockings for Jason, myself, the pups & Banks.  (Ours are very generic and I want to actually make some homemade ones)


Rachel Sarah said...

You go girl! Goals are good. Although Baking AND losing 20lbs might be challenging to do at the same time! :) You could add "give Baked Goods as gifts" to your list of goals. Loves!

Kristin Kelly said...

Love the new setup! Love the new goals! Love that you are blogging again! My book goal for last year was 26 and I reached a pretty pathetic number also. The saddest part is that I read more this last year than any year before! I like your goals. Way to Embrace the type A! Love you, mean it.