Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dead Day

Today, Tennessean's pay thier respects to Elvis Presley, by celebrating Dead Day, known by the rest of us just as the anniversary of his death.

And I'm totally serious.
(the first picture of Elvis with the ladies, are some girls I work with. Starting from the far left, Rose is in the suit, she's a lobbyist here. Then next to her is Grace, then Elvis of course and Leslie our Marketing Director and finally Brooke, my cube-neighbor and also a legal assistant.)

In celebration of this day, the law offices where I work hosted an all company breakfast this morning with life size cut-outs of Elvis around the boardroom, Elvis plates, Elvis stickers on the windows, Elvis playing on the tv.... I love Elvis, but this was a bit strange. Apparantly Nashville gets somewhat into it, but in Memphis it gets downright crazy. After we filled our plates with bicuits, bacon, eggs and donuts and of course Elvis' favorite - peanut butter & banana filled sandwhiches...eww, we sat around the conference room chit chatting until one of the attorneys took control of the meeting. Finally, we're going to get down to business. But no. One of the attorneys, Gif, starts to quiz everyone on facts of Elvis' death and call to reference tidbits of information on our fellow co-workers. At one point during the meeting, Gif asks for those who weren't born yet to raise thier hands...dangit. So up mine goes, along with two others. It's been 29 years since the death of Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll. So what was my claim to fame to share with others? That my husbands late great uncle Billy Walker, gave Elvis Presley his first gig in the business. He was the first musician to give Elvis a chance.

One woman I work with, Joy Dorn, was recognized for having a small role in Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley. She said she was able to see him and Ann Margaret in person during the shooting of the film.

Grace, who you see in the first picture, went to his house and met his former cook. She was such a huge fan, that she went around to the neighbors behind his house and climbed atop a dog house to peek into his back yard in hopes of catching a glimpse of the King on his horses.

And finally, Rose Cox (also in the picture above) knows a man who is now in goverment that used to be a paramedic back when Elvis died. He happened to be one of the two paramedics that was in the back of that aid car and worked on Elvis until his death. Apparently this man still to this day will not talk about it. Interesting.
(this picture is of the two attorney's I support, Larry Stewart on the left and Paul Krivacka on the right - I love these guys, they are the best bosses)

There's was lots of reminiscing by everyone...where were you when his death was announced 29 years ago? I was but an egg in my mothers womb, a twinkle in my father's eye :-)

So now, in tribute to Elvis, please comment by saying which Elvis movie was your favorite! And don't tell me you haven't seen one of his 33 movies, cause I believe I have seen every single one! My favorites are Harum Scarum and Follow That Dream.

But before I go - one last thing!! Tonight is the finale for...(drumroll please)... So You Think You Can Dance!!!

Both mine and Jason's prediction is that Benji is going to win, that's who we're rooting for!! And if Benji doesn't take it, then our second choice is Heidi.

Go Benji!


Anonymous said...

My favorites are the same as yours. Harum Scarum. That is crazy that they take it so seriously there. Dad should be proud.
Love you Kim.

Katrina Hope said...

Well..I am lil sis...and I am gonna have to copy. My favorites are Harum Scarum and Follow That Dream, and I also like Blue Hawaii... "Eat A Little Fasta.." hehe. LOVE YOU, and 'the king' of course.

Katrina Hope said...

oh, and we all can guess was dad's favorite is going to be..plus he is going to say something about why he doesn't understand why we like Harum Scarum so much. ;) Love you daddy!

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely right! of ALL the great movies he made (of course of which "Kid Galahad" was his finest), my girls couldn't come up with a better one than "Harum Scarum"... dumb name.. dumb movie... at least "Follow That Dream" is one of the best... They could have voted for "Fun in Acapulco", "Viva Las Vegas", "Jailhouse Rock", "Wild In The Country", "It Happened At The World's Fair", "King Creole", "Kissin Cousins", "Blue Hawaii", "Spinout", "Clambake", ...
Oh, so many more better ones...

LOVE all of you, too... DAD