Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sleeping Positions

These pictures are too dang cute not to post. It makes me want another kitten. Yeah right. I would love one and it would be nice for Banks to have a friend, but Jason would freak ;-) Every once in a while, he'll say, "You know we have a live animal in this house with us?" yup. They're buds, but Jason won't admit it. Banks and Jason like to play tag around the house, but without quite tagging each other. He'll chase her, then she'll turn around and chase him...I think the neigbors downstairs love it. At least we don't live above crazy-cat-woman anymore. I do have to brag on Banks for a minute though. She is well on her way of earning her keep around the house. This morning as I was heading to the kitchen and passed through the dining area, I saw a silverfish on the wall. Now for those of us from Seattle, we don't have those back home, but they look like a centipede with long antennae - nasty and fast. So I see this nasty critter and I point at it calling for Banks. She now knows that when I point, there's a bug and she's to look frantically for it. So she's looking all over and still doesn't see it, until I lift her up and set her directly in front of it. Not a second later she pounces on this thing and tore it into 4 pieces!!! Yeah!!! GO BANKS! Man, I love my cat. :-) She's also very good at killing spiders and catching flies. Spiders give her an upset tummy, so she'll squash them and then watch it for a while, but she loves eating the flies she catches -though I'm not such of a fan when it crunches in her mouth. Sick.


Kim & Jason said...

to make myself feel loved, I'm leaving myself a comment:
Cute pictures Kim! I can't wait for you to come home!


(I know I'm weird)

Anonymous said...

Yes you are... Oh, and, excuse me,
was that what you call an "update"?
HELLO? Uh, last blog entry was the 24th of Aug ( a bunch of sleeping animals..)... and, like, this is the 29th!!?? like 5 whole days? Oh,
incidentally, if it's $99 special for two, and Jason's half-price is taken into account - then the price for (4) dinners would be about ONLY $100 with a possible tip of $50 should only come to about $150...... NOT $300.. Hello?
Math, anyone?? heh heh .. Can't wait to stress you out here in the land of OZ !! Are you feeling loved yet? XXXXOOOOXXXXOOOXXOOOXX

Katrina Hope said...

Does he make sense to you, or is it just a little too late here and I am not being able to comprehend what the great Wizard is speaking about? Kimmy, you know how excited I am about you and Jason coming!!!! Do you want cotton or flannel sheets? You really shouldn't leave yourself comments, it might make you feel loved, but it makes all the rest of us concerned for you. ;) hehe- love ya!

Anonymous said...

little suck-up.. :-P

Katrina Hope said...

I was hoping to see some of the new pics from your trip up....could you e-mail them to me through shutterfly?