Monday, August 21, 2006

Fun Fun Fun

This last week has been crazy!

Wednesday night my law firm Adams & Reese, hosted a party for the National Legistlative Conference at Roberts Bar on Broadway, one of the many honkeytonks downtown. It was an open bar, with a live band (of course) and catered with traditional southern food. Jason was working that night, but I decided to dress up and hit the town. The party didn't start till 9pm! For a company party! Now that's a change going from 7pm company parties at the Westin to 9-11pm parties during the week at the honkey-tonks downtown. We were all in our boots, jeans and haltar-tops, it was so much fun. They even had these ceramic cowboy boot vases' in various colors sitting on the bar holding wildflowers and Adams & Reese blue bandanas. I had a great time.

Thursday night, Jason was off and we found ourselves back downtown. Our friend Cheryl Johnston was performing that night at another local honkey-tonk, the Full Moon Saloon, which is owned by our friend Robert Lee (who just got a recording contract with Broken Bow Records & sings on some of Jason's demo tracks). Cheryl was doing a four hr set, so we first stopped at Roberts Bar (yes, the very place I was at just the night before) and had the best burgers for dinner!! Seriously yummy! Then we walked over to see Cheryl and Danny for a bit as she performed. She sounded great too.

But unfortunately we couldn't stay long, because my friend Brooke from work had hooked us up with free passes to see LeeAnn Rimes performing on the State Capitol steps. So off we went trudging up the hill toward the capitol in 85 degree heat with 100% humidity. It was so hot that night! But wow, was LeeAnn worth it! We were within feet of her singing. There was free food provided (I'm talking BBQ ribs, grits, everything), an open bar and outdoor seating. Had Brooke not been with us, I wouldn't have recognized her husband Dean who kept walking by us literally brushing shoulders with us. She sounded incredible too. It was so much fun!!

By Friday, I was dragging. Being out two nights in a row was already wearing me out! I didn't get to bed before midnight once this last week! So that night I stayed home and finished my book - which was fabulous by the way. My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult is the story of a child whose sole reason for existence is to assure a genetic match for her terminally ill sibling. 13-year-old Anna Fitzgerald, was conceived in vitro and has decided to sue her parents to stop them from using her as "spare parts" for her older sister, Kate, who suffers from leukemia. After years of having her body be used to keep Kate alive, Anna now refuses to donate a kidney and strives for her own personal freedom. Anna hires lawyer Campbell Alexander to represent her, even as her own mother, a former civil defense attorney, fights her in court. It was such a good read and I finished it within maybe two weeks. I highly recommend it!

Jason came home after work on Friday and we stayed up till 4am!! I must have gotten a second wind, or maybe I was just super excited to watch the recorded season finale of So You Think You Can Dance with Jason, since he hadn't seen it yet. And you guessed it, Benji won!! Yeah! It was such a great show, I may have to watch it again... I know, I'm a nerd.

The weekend was also great. Even though Jason had to work both nights, we spent some much needed quality time sleeping in and relaxing in our home. We lounged in our PJ's and watched Benchwarmers, which was so funny and I made him a big ol breakfast. Then Sunday we went to church with our friend Kelly Skiles at the Vineyard in Nashville. It was a lot smaller than we expected, but still a great time. The guest speaker was the bass player from SonicFlood.

So that's basically it for our crazy week! Love you all!!


Katrina Hope said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend!! I see you soooo soon! AHHHH! I graduate in basically 5 days! Tomorrow, we sign covenant. I love you and cannot wait to spend some time with you and Jase!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kimmy. Look at the switch. I have been home and in bed by 10 all week and you are out livin it up!. I moved into the den so can Kati can move into the other one. We should by all situated by the time you guys get here. Kati can probably stay with me and you can probably have her bed or vice versa. I am so excited to see you. Love you lots!