Friday, July 06, 2007

Kati's Here!

Well I trust you all had a wonderful 4th of July! It was so great to spend it with my little sister Kati! She flew in on Tuesday afternoon and was immediately thrown into the evening preparations of getting ready for small group. And I'm pretty sure the entire group showed up too. I wasted no time in putting Kati to work and had her vacuum the apartment (hey, she offered!) . There was probably 15 or more of us squeezed into our living room and we served up some grubbin food. I'm not bragging or anything, but Jason & I can hold our own in the kitchen and it was so fun to be able to entertain our friends in our home!!

We have been so busy lately! Last weekend was spent mostly doing nothing but finishing up house projects. I had been desperately trying to finish a wall collage of our wedding pictures for the bedroom, plus we got Jason's old school desk moved from the porch to the guest room and then moved the computer to his desk. And yes, I was stressed. I didn't know how everything was going to be ready in time for Kati's arrival and Tuesday night's small group. But then Jason told me to trust him and sure enough the little elves worked through the night and got it all finished :-) Sometimes it really pays off to be married to a night owl (er, elf). But speaking of night owl - my oh-so-yummy husband has recently discovered Scrabble tell me this is a good thing. ;-) Last I heard, he was competing with people from Germany!!!
So anyway, back to this week. Tuesday was great with having Kati finally here and Wednesday we relaxed and headed over to Steven & Genesis' house for a BBQ with some friends. That evening we took Kati downtown for the fireworks show and watched it from my office on the 28th floor. It was amazing - these huge fireworks were all at eye level and just incredible. Yesterday and today has been no picnic getting back into the swing of things for work and my attorney has returned from his 10 day vacation hopped up on caffeine. It's been fun. *sarcastic*

I hope Kati is enjoying herself lounging by the pool and journaling on her laptop. I'm envious and so looking forward to the coming weekend. Tomorrow, Kati & I will be at The Call in the Titan's Stadium, but other than that, I'm hoping for a restful weekend.
Oh and tonight, I'm dragging Kati off to Kelley Skiles wedding with me. Jason's got to work, but at least I don't have to go alone! And if you read Kati's blog, then your well aware that I bought four, yes four, dresses last night when we went shopping cause I couldn't decide which one to get. Now you all know why I don't go to the mall much. It's too dangerous. But at least it was Charlotte Russe - one of my favorite stores because of how cute it is and how cheap too!! And I NEVER wear dresses, so this is a big step for me.

Stay tuned, there's sure to be lots more to come!!

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Katrina Hope said...

I appreciate this...once again, us leaving comments on each other's blogs, though we are BOTH blogging, even about our time TOGETHER. Dad...? Hey, I like reading yours kim, even when I already know what you are writing about-- 'cus you are a fun writer to read :) That came out a jumbled mess, "Kati like to read Kim's blog. Kati like to write."


(I am also drinking some tasty french press/ big train!)